Danny Blanton–Conservative Hero!!! at August 26, 2019 School Board Meeting!!! Votes NO on Sales tax Increase!! Votes NO on Wasting Taxpayer Dollars!! Votes NO on Illegal Meeting Minutes!! Calls for School Safety and NO bullying of Autistic Students!!! Former School Board Member Bill Gray Tells off School Board!!! Mother of Injured Autistic Student Calls for Meeting with School Board!! And Much More!! Eye Witness Report by Robert A. Williams

Hang on Folks, it is Midnight. Stay tuned for the rest of this article tomorrow morning!!! In the meantime, watch the CCS Board Meeting Broadcasts and see the details for yourself.

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Myra Christian

Wow! Is Mr. Blanton the only person who has questions? It seems to me everyone should have some question or comment about these proceedings. Why isn’t Mr. Blanton allowed to be on the agenda? As a graduate of Burns myself and a parent and grandparent of children who graduated from Burns… one currently a senior there, it saddens me that the facilities the are as ancient as they are. Many years ago when the school systems were merged many promises were made about all children having equal facilities and opportunities but it still hasn’t happened. Why? I agree with Mr.… Read more »