Crazy School Board appoints ”Experienced” New Member!!!- -30 years of “BAD” Experience–Dr. Jack Hamrick!! — To fill vacancy left by Jeff Jones Resignation!!!— Report by Robert A. Williams-Evaluation and analysis by YOU!!!

Folks, sometimes my articles are rather long and detailed because the facts, issues and connections are complex. This article, coming out of the April 27, 2020 phone-in school board meeting is simple and will be one of my shortest articles ever. Here it goes.

The April 27, 2020 school Board meeting was by telephone, supposedly due to the coronavirus, but more likely because of the secret stuff that was coming out. This article only deals with the school board’s behind the scenes politicking to replace the vacancy created by the resignation of Jeff Jones from the school board and how the other board members want to protect the incumbents; Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris in the upcoming 2020 Elections. The old crowd wanted this new, but temporary, appointment to be just like them. And they succeeded 1000%. They appointed Dr. Jack Hamrick. A Democrat and School Board member for around 30 years. Often as Chairman.

Jack Hamrick was their ideal appointment. He is exactly like Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris. He is like Phillip “Bully” Glover, Jo Boogs and Coleman Hunt. Seven peas in a pod. All exactly alike. Click on the link at the end of this article for the Shelby Star’s report of the appointment from a reporter who probably never saw or heard of Jack Hamrick.

As for me, I dug through some of my old paperwork from Public Records Requests, and such and found this letter to CCS Board Chairman Jack Hamrick from Mr. Robert P. Queen, who is a leading candidate in the 2020 elections for the school board. Read this letter and YOU decide who you want on the school board. The likes of Jack Hamrick, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, and Roger Harris or folks like Robert Queen, Joel Shores, Ron Humphries, Rodney Fitch and Samantha Davis.

Note the letter is dated February 24, 2014. Ant things are just the same as this very minute.

Read the letter and decide for yourself. I don’t need to say another word!!!

The Letter:
(ADDRESS Redacted)
Shelby, NC 28052

February 24, 2014

Dr. Jack Hamrick
Cleveland County Schools BoE
400 West Marion Street
Shelby, NC 28150

Dr. Hamrick,
I received a letter from you dated February 18th denying my request to be put on the agenda for tonight’s meeting. You indicated that the school system does not haveresources to answer my questions because doing so will pull the staff away from the students. Secondly, you stated that the board was not legally obliged to answer questions other than requests for public records. And lastly, you said that the school system was not in any way attempting to keep its fiscal operations secret because records are available to the public, financial audits are available online and the board meetings are open to the public.

I had a response ready for your three reasons, but I think the words of two elementary school teachers express the point better than I can. Yesterday, my wife asked two teacher friends why they didn’t attend board meetings. One of the teachers said that it was very apparent that the administration and Board did not want to hear from them so they just didn’t go to the trouble of attending. The second teacher sent a text that I am quoting from. She said – “Lots of money is wasted high up and it is completely hidden. Walk in the beautiful newly redone county office and check out all the new furniture. New flooring and new computers. 2-3 per office. Then come to my room with mildew growing on the ceiling and computers from 2002 and chairs and desks from when I went to school there in ‘83! That’s sad, but at least the county office staff is comfortable.

There is an old saying in military circles that the troops eat first and the officers eat last. That apparently doesn’t hold true in the school system. There’s absolutely no excuse for teachers to sit in a room with mold and mildew while money is continuously being spent on this building.

Whether you guys want to admit it or not, you have an image problem with the teachers, parents, and taxpayers of Cleveland County. Maybe not all, but certainly a significant percentage. That’s why I submitted the questions to you – to give you an opportunity to explain yourself. For whatever reasons, you refuse to respond with anything other than copying documents. You should understand that your refusal to answer does not make the questions or those asking go away. It only adds to their resolve. Let it be known that you were given ample opportunity to answer legitimate questions about the operations and expenditures of the Board and school system. I expect you will be hearing more.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert P. Queen 

Click HERE for the link to the Shelby Star article that tells you nothing about Jack Hamrick. Except that he has experience on the school board since 1989. ”Bad” experience if you read the letter correctly.

2 comments for “Crazy School Board appoints ”Experienced” New Member!!!- -30 years of “BAD” Experience–Dr. Jack Hamrick!! — To fill vacancy left by Jeff Jones Resignation!!!— Report by Robert A. Williams-Evaluation and analysis by YOU!!!

  1. May 5, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    This is no surprise. If I were a Progressive Socialist I would always chose a comrade. We now have a School Board that works for the Superintendent instead of a Superintendent that works for the School Board. These retired administrators have worked for a Superintendent all their adult lives. They just can’t say no to the boss. Teachers or School Employees, can’t do or say any thing negative about the system or they may lose their job, or a least their merit pay. We need a Whistle Blower program to protect our teachers and school employees . I have been told by many parents of teachers that if they said anything, that their Son or Daughter could lose their job.

    This is insane, Is Our School System an asylum, for our children and their teachers ? Short Answer, YES. In 2020 we must turn the curve, No More Prior Education Administrators on the School Board ! These people are the ones that helped build this socialist indoctrination machine.

  2. Bill Balmer
    May 5, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    Of course Fisher hands picks another spinless low life crook. This was done plain and simple for one reason…..MONEY, Expect Fishy Fisher to get another huge raise. Even my old school buddy Danny went along with this which leaves me confused. The real loser are the kids and parents of Cleveland County Schools. Listen to the last board meeting and how all they report is how great things are. PURE LIES! A shocking fact to Bully Glovers constant bragging at this meeting is that he actually has a wife. I guess stupid, fat and bald works for some.

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