COVID Threatens Burns and Crest Football Game Friday Night??!! Other Schools Athletic Teams already shut Down!!?? Are Parents Sending sick kids to school??? Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

It’s the fourth day of School and COVID is already wreaking havoc!!!

This morning (Thursday August 26, 2021) my phone is already ringing off the hook. Besides the usual “robo” calls, trusted sources are calling in with news about COVID running wild through Cleveland County Schools. Or at least Positive tests for COVID. Or COVID symptoms.

One of my first calls was regarding a female athlete at Burns High School being sent home because of COVID. But the person who she was reported as a contact to, perhaps a football player, was not sent home. The girl’s parents complain about the unfairness and today the girl is back in school. I immediately “smelt a rat!!” A term attributed to Founding Father Patrick Henry about the Constitution Committee’s secret meetings during the drafting of the US Constitution. Patrick Henry was a “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” kind of Patriotic Hero. So, I consider that “smelling rats” when CCS does secret and stupid stuff and saying something about it, is MT Patriotic duty too.

But, let’s look at such a scenario, possibly incomplete and maybe inaccurate and wonder what the heck is going on. Sending a girl home because of COVID and NOT sending the COVID Contact person home makes no sense. It is totally stupid. But CCS has been known to do stupid stuff-like “suing” the Sheriff. My first thought was the boy that was not sent home might be a football player and CCS doesn’t want to jeopardize the Burns and Crest Football game tomorrow night. Football game or not, bringing the girl back to school as a cover for not sending the boy home from school is stupid on top of stupid. All too well known with Robert “Luke” Queen on the School Board.

Anyway, we will keep our ears to the ground on this situation and let you know what we find out.

But that call this morning was not my only call about CCS, CCS Sports and COVID. I now hear that COVID has quarantined the Crest Middle School Soccer Team. Also, according to sources, COVID cases have been reported at several other schools too. One report was that at least some CCS students have been sent to school by the parents, knowing that the child had tested positive for COVID. If true, this represents a major problem on top of all the other major problems with COVID control in association with keeping our schools open. EVERYBODY has to do their part.

Just think about these known facts:
Over the summer vacation time, parents took their kids to the beach, to the mountains, to Dollywood, to the Kings Mountain “Beach Blast” and other crowded places. Without wearing masks.
COVID has an estimated 2-14-day incubation period.
Today is only the 4th day of school.
The next School Board meeting is September 13, 2021

Therefore, it is a statistical certainty that any kid at school with COVID picked up that COVID somewhere else BEFORE school started.

What to do abut all of this is still the unanswered question. I have sat there in School Board meetings listening to all the same details that the CCS Staff has developed that the School Board has been told about. My “wonder” about all the acronyms and the numerous plans that have been proposed internal to CCS is, first of all, are the plans worth a hoot to begin with, and secondly, have the parents of CCS students and the public, been adequately brought on board sufficiently to the educational process at CCS so that our children are properly educated in the reading, writing and doing arithmetic just as much as they have been indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory, Institutional racism and other such Marxist hogwash.

Parents, don’t send your kids to school when they are sick and test positive for COVID.

Schools, get your act together. Dump CRT indoctrination and concentrate on the “Classical” curriculum.

School Board, show some leadership. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! I am watching YOU!!!

Parents, citizens and taxpayers, show up at School Board Meetings and demand that the School Board take what actions are necessary to educate our children well in an effective and cost-effective manner.

Stay tuned folks. It is very possible that you ain’t heard nothing yet.

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