Concerned Citizen calls for Roger Harris to RESIGN immediately from the Cleveland County School Board!!! We concur!! Message Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Good Afternoon;

Yesterday it was made clear where this (school) board stands. I have been in front of this board before because of the corruption and wasteful spending of tax dollars. Roger Harris went too far after a young lady’s murder in Iowa and thinks it funny to joke around about a murder by a illegal immigrant. For members on this board to sit there silent after a board member jokes around as a family deals with the murder of their child by an illegal. If he thinks so little of this young lady, how do you feel about the students of CCS Mr. Harris?

I believe this board and the people of this county need to call for the immediate resignation of Roger Harris. As a father I find this not funny and how Mr. Harris can even try to act like it was no big deal shows even more lack of respect for this young lady. Would this board accept this if it was your child? Mr. Harris should resign immediately.

Thank you

Matthew Canipe

Editor’s Note: You can share this concern and message with ALL the school board members by sharing this very message to:

    Message to Speaker of the House Tim Moore:

What is the proper legal procedure to impeach or remove Roger Harris from the Cleveland County School Board if Harris refuses to resign? If there is no legal procedure to remove a school board member, please initiate legislation to do so.

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