Communities-In-Schools Caught in the Act, Again!!! More Cover-up from CIS Chairman and School Board Member Roger Harris, CCS Board Chairman Shearra Miller and CCS Supt. Stephen Fisher!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

If I were to give the employees, staff and associates at Community-In-Schools a bit of advice, it would be: Men-keep your zippers up and Women, Keep your skirts down. There would be a whole lot less trouble that way. Of course this advice also goes for Cleveland County Schools, Cleveland Community College, the Health Department, DSS and elsewhere.

Trusted sources indicate the latest scandal at CIS is just unfolding. Nothing of detail is known exactly about the actual originating scandal at CIS except that a person identified as “R” is involved. Not knowing anything else you have to wonder if the “person of interest” is Sharon Robb, Executive Director of CIS, who is now reported as being “suspended.” Robb was also implicated in a previous scandal (2 scandals ago-the present scandal being number 3) about the same time former School Board member Donnie Thurman, Jr. resigned from CIS to take a job in Belmont as I recall. The Chairman of CIS, School Board member Roger Harris, who has already covered up one recent scandal (and another before that that I know of-besides the scandal years ago when Harris was Principal at Crest. And covered up a sex scandal where a female teacher was having sex with a football player-with Harris reported as the person who caught them),

The previous scandal at CIS that was brought out during a 2018 School Board meeting by School Board member Danny Blanton. It was during the CCS approval of almost $200,000 slated to go to CIS from the School Board. Blanton wanted to know what was going on at CIS before he voted to send so much money to CIS and Harris refused to tell. All the other fool School Board members voted to approve the money anyway. Without knowing. Without caring to know. That is a problem in my book.

What is the real kicker in this particular and latest of many scandals involving Roger Harris is this. Harris sent a coded text message that he intended to only go to CCS Board Chairman Shearra Miller and CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher. Which means Miller and Fisher are implicated in the cover-up and possibly obstruction of justice-a crime.

Only thing though, Harris mistakenly sent the text message to all the School Board members and others. Just moments after hitting the “send” key Harris realized his mistake and immediately sent out another message telling all those that received the message that it was confidential. Of course North Carolina Law says different. Text messages and emails by elected officials in their official capacity are public records.

But the law never stopped Roger Harris, Shearra Miller and Stephen Fisher from covering up a juicy scandal. Sources now report that the CCS IT Department has suspended Robb’s email account and deleted the contents of Harris’s text messages to cover-up for CIS. All in total disregard to North Carolina Law and certainly in disregard to any pretense of transparency and ethical behavior. Sources also report that this effort is directly aimed at keeping these documents out of the hands of Board Member Danny Blanton. And me, as I am immediately asking for those records under the Freedom of Information Act as well as North Carolina Public Records laws. Knowing full well that my legal request will be illegally refused. Where is law enforcement when you need them?

Another angle here is Sharon Robb is closely related by marriage to recently elected School Board Member Coleman Hunt, himself allegedly a sexual predator. Lots of stuff to cover-up at CIS and CCS. Cleveland County citizens are getting what they deserve by 52,000 of them staying home on Election Day 2017.

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