Commissioners Spend Taxpayer $$$ to Support “Homosexual Propaganda”??? Earl Scruggs Center’s Newest Exhibit Raises Questions!! CC Schools Condemn Christian Poster!! Yet Teach Islam and other Religions!! Report, comparison and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

First, some facts:
The Cleveland County Commissioners have spent Millions of taxpayer dollars on the Old Courthouse in order to support the Earl Scruggs Center. Commissioners have also spent $$millions to loan the Earl Scruggs Center money at ZERO interest and also to pay operational costs. It is said the Earl Scruggs Center “could not pay their light bill” without taxpayer dollars provided by the Commissioners. Needless to say, the $220 Million economic impact the ESC was supposed to bring to Cleveland County was a commissioner’s produced lie from the very start. Such false and phony propaganda has long ago stopped being talked about as the lies have been discovered. Yet the Commissioners are still funding the ESC (and other loser projects-like the LeGrand Center) with no end in sight. With no accountability, no transparency and no real purpose.

British singer Elton John is a self-admitted homosexual man married to another man who Elton John calls his husband. British songwriter Bernie Taupin has “collaborated” with Elton John for over 50 years. Many credit Taupin as Elton John’s songwriter and alleged homosexual companion to the famous singer. Elton John and Bernie Taupin “collaborated on Elton John’s hit song “Rocketman” which spun off into a movie back in May, 2019. The movie was about Elton John’s developing homosexual life and included Bernie Taupin.

When the movie “Rocketman” was to play in Russia, Russian censors cut out a number of homosexual scenes in the movie under Russia’s “Homosexual Propaganda” laws. These laws favor traditional marriage (one man and one woman) and seek a Biblical and moral “High Ground” on Russian society. Something US Courts and Cleveland County Schools have managed to effectively shut down. (Imagine that, the Russians, after 75 years of state sponsored atheism are now legally a more moral society than the Unites States and especially Cleveland County.

Bernie Taupin never collaborated with Banjo Picking Earl Scruggs, or anyone close to Earl Scruggs on anything. So why is anything involving Bernie Taupin on display at the Earl Scruggs Center?? Donated or not?? Homosexual Propaganda??? Read on!!!)

Now, the Earl Scruggs Center Executive Director Mary Beth Martin submitted an article to the Shelby Shopper that was published on Page 14 of the November 7-13, 2019 edition. Right above the Sheriff’s Office Advertisement urging Drug Dealers to turn in their competition. Mary Beth Martin’s submitted article, Press Release or whatever it is called (Homosexual Propaganda maybe?) is titled Earl Scruggs Center adds major work to its collection. The “submittal” says a group of un-named “donors,” perhaps Gay Pride activists, made “a generous gift from private donors made this acquisition and new exhibit possible.” The exhibit was “created” by none other than the “internationally acclaimed” artist Bernie Taupin. Of course, the Earl Scruggs Center Board of Directors head honcho, J.T. Scruggs, had a heap of praise for the Taupin exhibit. Get ahold of last weeks Shopper and read the article for yourself.

My questions in all of this are simple. Where in the Commissioner’s Lease contract with the Earl Scruggs Center Board of Directors does it allow homosexual propaganda, material go on display in this taxpayer owned facility? Or, were the Commissioners sleeping when this homosexual propaganda stuff went through.

I am a Cleveland County taxpayer and such as this offends me. Since the overwhelming majority of Cleveland County voters voted 80% against same-sex marriage a few years ago, I believe the vast majority of Cleveland County citizens are also offended by homosexual propaganda. I believe we are even more offended by a group of County Commissioners who allow our taxpayer owned iconic Old Courthouse to be used for such offensive purposes. Our heritage has been hijacked by the LBGTQXYZ perverts and that is OK with the Commissioners.

Well, it ain’t OK with me. I intend to do what is necessary to defeat Commissioners Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins at the ballot box in the 2020 elections.

But, hey, this is not the end of this story.

The Front-Page Article, below the fold, of the November 14, 2019 Shelby Star has an article titled Religious bulletin board to be removed from school. Go read that article too. A single parent was offended about a Bulletin Board at East Elementary School with Bible verses on it and complained to the Shelby Star. Although CCS teaches students about other foreign religions and all kinds of liberal propaganda hokum, CCS is busting a gut to ger rid of that Christian bulletin board. Just like they got rid of the Burns High School “Cotton” Fair booth that offended Mary Accor, Mary Degree and Donnie Thurman, Jr. although the Cotton booth’s historic renderings were 100% historically correct.

The resolution to such as this at Cleveland County Schools is exactly the same as with the Commissioners. Vote School Board members Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Jo Boggs and Jeff Jones out of office in the 2020 elections. Put in a new majority on both the Commissioners and School Board who will take control of all this mess and fix the problems. It is just that simple.

Also Remember filing for both the Commissioners or School Board begins December 2, 2019. Just two weeks from not. And last thru December 20, 2019. Don’t let these dates get by you. Do your civic duty and run against the crazy status quo on both the Commissioner and school boards. Let’s git-ur-done folks!!!

In the process, give the “homosexual propaganda” exhibit back to the unnamed donors as just say, “thanks, but no thanks!!!”

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  1. Bill balmer
    November 21, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Speaking of the schools another day another student teacher affair . Cleveland county has got to lead the state in this ….all under fishers watch. #firefisherasap to keep out kids safe

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