Commissioner’s Lawsuit: Offer to Settle Jumps to $200,000!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Rev. Dante Murphy has made a second offer to “Settle” his second Federal Lawsuit against the Cleveland County Commissioners, DSS and Doug Bridges. Rev. Murphy’s first offer to settle for $125,000 has been increased to $200,000 paid to Rev. Murphy.

Rev. Murphy also notes the Commissioner’s newest lawyer, Stephanie Webster, has instructed Rev. Murphy NOT to contact her clients, who are elected governmental officials and employees. Rev. Murphy made his increased offer to settle directly to Commissioner Chairman Doug Bridges and requested Bridges pass on that new and significantly increased offer to his attorney.

There was a Closed session last night at the March 16, 2021 Commissioner’s Meeting that included discussions with Attorneys. It is NOT known whether or not Rev. Murphy’s lawsuit was discussed or other pending lawsuits. However, Rev. Murphy is NOT playing games with Cleveland County leadership as they have played those games with others. I know for a fact that Rev. Murphy has an excellent chance of winning big bucks from a Federal Jury. My previous recommendation was for the Commissioners to pay Rev. Murphy and make changes in their MO to prevent another lawsuit. Something they did NOT learn to do in Rev. Murphy’s first lawsuit against Cleveland County-where the County had to pay or be criminally prosecuted.

My recommendation now is for the County to pay the $200,000 and clean up their illegal acts. My prediction is they will not do that. Putting the County taxpayers at risk for $Million$ in jury awards. Much of that in punitive damages. Punishment for not providing the proper leadership authority they are charged with.

Also, new information indicates Cleveland County misdeeds may even be included or the object of some nationally recognized news media attention. Wouldn’t that kill all hopes for economic development in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Stay tuned folks, YOUR significant Property Tax increase may already be spent!!! And More.

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