Commissioner Eddie Holbrook Called Out for Refusing to Provide Oversight of CCS!!! Four Year Old Black Child Abused-Assaulted by Teacher(s) at James Love Elementary School!!! Politics, Racist Behavior, Injury and Unfair Treatment Covered-Up with Lies and Delayed Reports!!! Citizen’s Report and request for help provided by Robert A. Williams

Dear Mr. Holbrook,

In that you are a longtime leader in the Cleveland County area and one having went on record as having reputable track record in the African American community, I strongly recommend that you take the attached article more serious than any other and speak out against these terrible crimes being committed in the county that you lead. This is not only about politics, racism and unfair treatment, but you are now dealing with issues where children are being hurt. I have personally obtained solid evidence that this child was abused and the school system made a conscious effort to cover it up. I have a statement from an official stating the attempt by school officials to cover up the matter. I have forwarded this information to an attorney and I will leave it to lawyers to sort through the legal aspects, but until then you must speak out against these racial issues.

Please note that I have reviewed the incident report given to mother regarding the incident and find it appalling that school officials conveniently left blank the question asking “were the parents notified.” The truth is that this child was abused by teachers and the school failed to notify the mother until at least a week later-this was only after they were pressured. The child came home with a bruise on his face and horrific details are circulating that child suffered chronic abuse from these teachers. The school refused to give the mother details, the DA refused to prosecute because the school refused to give details. The school also refused to report this to the SRO until at least eight days.


Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy

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Editor’s Note: AMEN!!!

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