Commissioner Eddie Holbrook called a “Flawed Politician!!” Comment From Article Titled: Sheriff Alan Norman Faces Backlash in the “Black Community” arising from the Shooting of Deputy Tim Sims!!! Alleged Racist Posts on FaceBook!! Comment forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Comment forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Very few people for various reasons shy away from going on record as to how they feel about contentious issues. FB is obviously changing that frequency. Concealing our true feelings, beliefs, and opinions cause us to miss great opportunities for embracing truth and dispelling myth. I am appreciative of this most recent Robert Williams article that sheds light on a misguided notion that conservatism equals racism. As a proponent of free speech I deem the FB postings by Deputy Sims as being within reason and does not implicate him as being a racist. The postings do place him at a greater risk for scrutiny which is the case for anyone who chooses to openly express their opinions.

When I first arrived in Cleveland County some years ago I was told regarding your Robert Williams publications not to “pay any attention to that nut.” After learning more about your background, writing ability, and giftedness in speaking truth to power I formulated a belief to the contrary of you being a “nut.” A few months ago I was told by a white conservative resident of Cleveland County that I had become a “joke” around Cleveland County for my criticism of CCC Eddie Holbrook for his political abuses of African Americans, female sports, projects directed towards youth, and lack of leadership in responding to proven corruption in county government. While I am unable to give the totality of that dialogue it became evident that being called a “joke” (assuming the meaning implies that people were laughing or poking fun at me) was baseless and served only to shield the defects of a flawed politician. The person was also unable to articulate what attributes I possessed that made me such a joke in the community. Lastly, I continue to stand by my earlier claim that Donald Trump will ultimately be hailed as having done more for America, and might I add also-American politics, than any previous POTUS. Trump says and tweets what he wishes without regard to established norms or decorums. His decisions are often unpopular and he continues to stand by what he promised-whether we like it or not.

Therefore, those who seek truth and uphold justice are to be applauded. I too wish Deputy Sims the best in his recovery and pray for law enforcement across the nation who risk their lives to make a living and protect our nation.

Rev. Dante A. Murphy

Editor’s Note: Rev. Murphy is a Baptist Minister and Past President of the Cleveland County Chapter of the NAACP.

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