Commissioner Candidate Eddie Holbrook hires Out of State Attorney to “threaten” me with a Lawsuit and advise Commissioner Eddie Holbrook not to answer any questions!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

For those who read my articles, you know that I tell it like it is and that I tell it ALL. I do not intend to stop telling it like it is. I do not intend to keep any secretes either.

The fact is Commissioner Candidate Eddie Holbrook has hired an out of state attorney to file a lawsuit against me and who has advised Holbrook not to have any “discourse” with me. I assume that means Holbrook has been advised to not talk to me or answer any question in the 2018 Online Political Forum/Debate that I am in the process of preparing. This could also mean that Commissioner Eddie Holbrook has been advised of his rights to keep his mouth shut so as not to incriminate himself. A fancy way of “Taking the Fifth.”

Also, there are demands in Holbrook’s Attorney’s message. But hey, all that is provided below for all to see exactly what was said and who said it. Who knows, someone reading this article may be on a jury someday.

Of course those that read my articles know that I do not make up stuff to write about. And why should I? Especially when there is so much information contained in public documents, personal observations of Commissioner meetings, my notes, presentations, political forums, newspaper articles, eye witness accounts, pictures and other such things.

So, in preparation of my articles I do my research and write and print what I believe is the truth. I might add, on occasion: logical conclusions , personal opinions and such but I clearly identify that as such. I never knowingly provide incorrect information or make up falsity and I criticize those that do.

But I am human and humans make mistakes, sometimes. Although in Commissioner Holbrook’s situation at hand I do not believe that I have made any mistakes, other than maybe a few possible typos or misspellings. Commissioner Holbrook has apparently not given his attorney any specific instances of anything that is false or true for that matter. Nor has Commissioner Holbrook ever, with every invitation in advance copies of my articles that I write that contains any reference to him, made any comment to the falsity of anything. So, what is there to apologize for? Or about?

I would suggest that Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, with 12 years in office and now a Commissioner candidate running for re-election who barely made it through the 2018 Democrat Primary by 265 votes, himself, provide true and verifiable answers to questions related t his service. Such as those that will be asked of all Commissioner candidates that are running for the three Commissioner seats up for re-election.

It is basic to the American system of government that elections be held periodically and every citizens, including myself, has constitutional rights to ask question to candidates and expect truthful answers. Why Commissioner Holbrook would desire to forfeit his opportunity to participate in an Online Forum/debate is beyond me. Especially since Commissioner Holbrook, through his attorney has declared certain things are false when they can co easily be proved to be true.

Commissioner Holbrook and any honest political candidate should welcome the opportunity to present their case to the voters in an almost unlimited format instead of 90 second bytes as the CCC Forum provided last night. Although I have personally come to question Commissioner Holbrook’s so called achievements and especially his MO and motives, how can I ever be persuaded to change my mind regarding Commissioner Eddie Holbrook in the vacuum of silence? I suspect that goes for many other voters as well.

So, I offer Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, his attorney and everybody else that I have ever mentioned in any article, the opportunity to point out and show where any statement I have written about them is not correct to provide a provable correction. Such a correction that is shown to be correct will be printed in a prominent place on my website such as suits the person showing the inaccuracy. How much better an accommodation can be provided than that?

The following is an email “String” showing my communications to Commissioner Eddie Holbrook and others as well as their responses.:

From: “Butch Bowers”
Cc: “Eddie Holbrook” ; “Rep Tim Moore” ; “Clifton Philbeck”
Subject: RE: Commissioner Candidate Questions for Incumbents Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine, Doug Bridges and challenging candidates
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 9:42 AM

Mr. Williams – I represent Eddie Holbrook. I have been retained by Mr. Holbrook to investigate and take legal action against you for your unwarranted, false and defamatory attacks on Mr. Holbrook. Specifically, on or about September 4, 2018, you published a document entitled “Commissioner Eddie Holbrook Caught with Both Hands in the Cookie Jar!!!” In this document, you made multiple false and erroneous allegations of illegal conduct by Mr. Holbrook. Your statements regarding Mr. Holbrook have no basis in fact and are utterly and willfully false, misleading and slanderous. Moreover, your false and deplorable comments constitute defamation per se.

You apparently have political and/or philosophical differences with Mr. Holbrook and the way he carries out his duties as a County Commissioner. Of course, that is your right and is completely fine. However, it is not acceptable for you to cross the line and publish false allegations of illegal conduct that you know or should know are not true. Your loathsome and despicable attempt to slander and defame Mr. Holbrook with these false and ridiculous allegations is not only contemptible, but your conduct has also caused and will continue to cause irreparable harm to Mr. Holbrook and his reputation.

Mr. Holbrook will not stand idly by to let you make false and defamatory statements that ruin the sterling reputation he has built over his entire lifetime. As a result, I hereby demand that you:

1. Immediately cease and desist from all defamatory and falsely disparaging remarks about Mr. Holbrook; and

2. Immediately issue a written apology for your false and baseless attack against Mr. Holbrook.

This is a very serious matter that requires your immediate attention. This letter puts you on notice that if you fail to comply with our demands by October 15, 2018, we will be forced to pursue all potential courses of legal action, including the filing of a lawsuit against you personally for your improper conduct. Accordingly, Mr. Holbrook will not engage in any further discourse with you unless and until you comply with our demand. If you are represented by an attorney, please direct me to your counsel. Sincerely,

Butch Bowers

Bowers Laws Office LLC
1419 Pendleton St.
Columbia, SC 29201

Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 1:41 AM
To: Butch Bowers
Cc: Eddie Holbrook ; Rep Tim Moore ; Clifton Philbeck
Subject: Fw: Commissioner Candidate Questions for Incumbents Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine, Doug Bridges and challenging candidates

Mr. Bowers,

Mr. Eddie Holbrook responded to a request for information regarding his voting record and actions as a
Cleveland County (NC) Commissioner by providing your email address. Please clarify your role in this matter.


Robert A. Williams

Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 1:34 AM
To: Eddie Holbrook ; Ronnie Whetstine ; Doug Bridges ; Willie A Green ; Chris Gash ; Caroline Dedmon ; Deb Hardin ; Tim Moore ; Rep Tim Moore ; Clifton Philbeck
Cc: Brendan LeGrand ; Robert A. Williams ; Susan Allen ; Johnny Hutchins ; Dante Murphy ; Brian Epley ; Kerri Melton ; Mike Philbeck ;
Subject: Fw: Commissioner Candidate Questions for Incumbents Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine, Doug Bridges and challenging candidates

This is the response I got from Eddie Holbrook. An email address for Butch Bowers.

Butch Bowers is a lawyer from Columbia SC. What Bowers interest in an online forum for Cleveland County Commissioners is unknown to me, but we surely want to find out. Of course Eddie Holbrook is not trying to cover-up his voting record or official and unofficial actions from the public view through intimidation!!!

I plan to publicly send the questions to lawyer Butch Bowers for a response as Eddie Holbrook has apparently suggested.

Also, from the confidentiality statement below Eddie Holbrook seems to be using his personal email account for county business.


Robert A. Williams

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