Cleveland County Schools-Burns High School–Another Scandal!!! Teacher Leaves handicapped Child on the curb–out of a Field Trip!!! Parents go Straight to Charlotte TV News!!! No acceptance of a CCS runaround!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Just a few days ago I was watching a Charlotte TV News Station. Low and behold, a 16-year-old handicapped student attending Burns High School comes on the screen. An FFA class had scheduled a Field Trip and this boy in a wheelchair was left behind because the teacher allegedly did not request a school bus with wheelchair capabilities. The boy was totally disappointed and the parents were totally pissed-off. And said so, for a million people to see and hear. And CCS regretted the incident. But not much more.

More bad publicity is what they regretted most of all. All CCS ever says is how wonderful they are. About everything. And such a simple oversight, or incompetency as may very well be the case, is there for all to see. To see that CCS cannot even do the most simple of things without screwing it up.

I am sure that CCS has a big thick book of excuses that they pull out just for situations like this. But, as I think about this, I remember that most vehicles used for public transportation have handicapped capabilities that are required by law. The parents say CCS has plenty of such vehicles readily available. As they should. So, Burns High School had to work hard to screw this up.

My take on this is that CCS was negligent in what should have been just an everyday situation. Negligence is a problem that should have its root cause examined and discovered. And then properly “fixed” such that it never happens again. But that is the “rub” here. CCS never admits to problems, they just cover them up until something else comes along and they forget the boy they left behind. It goes on and on.

Perhaps Luke Queen will put this on the agenda for discussion at the December 14, 2021, School Board meeting. Better yet, throw Luke Queen out as Chairman and set Danny Blanton in as Chairman. Let Danny then add it to the Agenda for discussion. Which will be a first all the way around. A School Board Chairman is run off and a problem is discussed and properly resolved. Hurray for Danny Blanton on the CCS School Board.

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