CLEVELAND COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION 2020! David Poston Speaks Out!!! Comment provided by Mr. David Poston posted by Robert A. Williams

This is a non-solicited, nonpaid, NON-PARTISAN statement.

When Samantha Davis, current school board candidate, had a problem with one of her children being bullied in school, she approached the school board and asked for their help. With the exception of Danny Blanton, NOT ONE SINGLE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER, REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, RAISED SO MUCH AS A FINGER OR WHISPERED SO MUCH AS ONE WORD TO HELP HER.
Parents, other family members, and non-parents alike, particularly family members of children especially vulnerable to bullies, including bully teachers, please remember this when you vote because you may be the next person needing help! Remember, chairperson Shearra Miller DID NOTHING, Vice Chairman Richard Hooker DID NOTHING, Phillip Glover DID NOTHING, Roger Harris DID NOTHING, Jo Boggs DID NOTHING, Dr Jack Hamrick DID NOTHING, Dena Green DID NOTHING and Colman Hunt DID NOTHING.

Voters of Cleveland County, do you want school board members that will not act when a child is being bullied? Do you have a child family member vulnerable to bullies? If so, do you really want these people on our school board? I HOPE NOT!

Miller, Hooker and Harris are up for re-election. VOTE THEM OUT. Put people like Samantha Davis, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen, Ron Humphries, and Joel Shores on that board. People that will not go along just to get along. People that are passionate about Cleveland County’s children. People that will be proactive and strive to ensure that EVERY CHILD in Cleveland County is treated equally and receives the best possible education in a safe environment. Elect people that will protect our children, not leave them to be preyed upon. Protect us from these do nothing, go along to get along, dog allowing the tail to wag them board members. And when the other do-nothing members are up for re-election, oust them too. Elect the five candidates I mentioned and one thing I can promise you, THE TAIL WILL NO LONGER WAG THE DOG! And the NEW school board will do what they were elected to do, not what they are told to do.

Editor’s Note: David Poston agrees with this 2020 School Board voting recommendation:

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chuck barbee
11 days ago

I agree with these choices as well. This is a very important election and while some of the folks on the school board have some good qualities it is time for a change. I encourage folks to do their research. Every cahdidate you marked with have a sit down with anyone and i have talked with everyone of them on Facebook messenger. They are avaialble to the public. I have seen other ballots marked with 4 of the same but have Greg Taylor instead of Samantha. I dont know Mr. Taylor and i am sure he is a good guy but go back and watch the debate. Compare the answers he gives with her’s and the Passion she brings to the table.