Cleveland Community College– Executive Vice President Takes Lie Detector Test??!! –CCC Refuses to give Results!! –Report & Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Sources have reported that Dr. Shannon Kennedy, Cleveland Community College Executive Vice President, has already voluntarily submitted to “lie detector” testing for the Board of Trustees and the results are being withheld. For everybody’s information I have previously requested, under the Freedom of Information Act as well as North Carolina Public Records laws, all documents related to the various allegations and investigations thereof that have been conducted. And are now being conducted again in order to conduct my OWN Citizens Investigation of these records, which I believe to be phony investigations where the investigators never talked to those who made the complaints and those who had the facts. I also asked to observe these lie detector tests for Kennedy and former President Thornburg and all my requests have been ignored with no acknowledgement of my requests ever being made. Folks, there is only one reason to hide or cover up what has being covered up and hidden at CCC. That reason is there ARE scandals to hide and cover-up by the CCC Board of Trustees and Administration. Therefore I have taken to correctly calling the Board of Trustees the “Band of Un-Trust-Worthys” and rightfully so.

The stated reason to lie detector test Kennedy is due to allegations of a sexual relationship between Kennedy and former President L. Steve Thornburg that caused Thornburg to rapidly promote and advance Kennedy to second in command at CCC over more qualified employees. Thornburg himself was finally removed from CCC for using the vulgar password on his CCC Computer System “fuckshannon69” and a variation “fuckedshannon69.” A bungled cover-up by the Band of Un-Trust-Worthys caused Thornburg to hire a lawyer and demand and get a $150,000 lump sum payment plus around $50,000 in additional benefit payments from CCC as approved by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has not released where that payoff money is coming from. Such funds are NOT in the CCC Budget. Initial speculation was the $200,000 would be secretly (and illegally) diverted from funds assigned for college roof repairs. Now that those public (taxpayer) funds are under scrutiny, the CCC Foundation (donations, bequeaths and such other “gifts” given to CCC for the benefit of education) will be the likely source of the unpopular payoff to Thornburg. I would suggest those who make donations, bequeaths and gifts to the Cleveland Community College Foundation as well as the Cleveland County Schools Foundation withhold their money until these scandals are addressed and resolved properly. The Band of Un-Trust_Worthys just covering up, remaining silent and other forms of sticking their heads in the sand is not good enough.

Folks, be ready for a good laugh when the Band of Un-Trust-Worthys put out their propaganda in the Shelby Star that Dr. Shannon Kennedy has been selected the next President of Cleveland Community College because she “passed” a phony lie detector test. That is the kind of thing the continued cover-ups from the Band of Un-Trust-Worthys will lead to. If Sheriff Alan Norman, Senator Wes Westmoreland, Wayne King and a couple others can’t get the rest of the Band to do the right thing, resign immediately from the Band of Un-Trust-Worthys and get on with your life. Others, who have a beef with Cleveland Community College, find yourself an out of town lawyer and file suit against CCC and their Band. As officials and personally. That is most likely the only way to ever lance the boil of corruption that has taken over at CCC and CCS.

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