Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee Meeting May 8, 2018 (Election Day) at 12 Noon!!! A New President who Knows What he is Doing-Same old Board who doesn’t!!! Board to Hire Lawyer at $225 per hour Plus travel to handle lawsuits against BOT!!! And More!! Report by Robert A. Williams

The CCC Board of Trustees announced their May 8, 2018 meeting late last Thursday without an agenda. Now the have an agenda that is incomplete. Those items that are there are labeled as Exhibits without identification unless you look them up. This is always a good indication that bad things are being covered up.

For Instance:

The BoT is looking to hire themselves a $225 per hour lawyer (at taxpayer expense) to defend themselves against all these lawsuits they generated because they refused to provide proper oversight over the CCC admin who were screwing employees very badly. Not one word of apology from the BoT. In the end, they (and us taxpayers) will get the what for.

The Caylor Report (a phony second investigation of various employee complaints) has been determined to be confidential but an “Executive Summary” says no wrongdoing was found. The word I got from sources say the report is incriminating for the BoT in their lawsuits. I urge every person with a lawsuit against the CCC BoTs to have your lawyer ask for the Caylor Report, the lie Detector test results for Shannon Kennedy and have the Federal Judge Order CCC to give it up. Your Jury award may go up from $1 Million to $10 Million. As far as I know I am the only person to formally ask for this report under the Freedom Of Information Act and NC Public Records Laws so I am guessing they want to keep this report and the background information that I also requested from me because they know I will release it

Selection an external auditor. Executive Vice President Shannon Kennedy is in charge of that. They have the fox guarding the hen house. Is anybody surprised??? These fool BoTs are not kidding anyone. They haven’t learned a thing. More cover-up. I suspect Interim President Bill Aiken and BoT Chairman Wes Westmoreland and a couple others had a hand in that polarizing and stupid decision.

State Compliance people came up with a 9 page report of staff non-compliance. Aiken sent back a promise that CCC staff would do better. lol

Massa Eddie Holbrook told CCC that he was running for re-election. Hardly in compliance with the spirit of the CCC Policies. Massa promises not to campaign on CCC time. A regular standup comedian that Massa is.

And, they appear to be going to break the law again when they go into Closed session without properly giving the reason why. Nothing new there. The Sheriff should arrest them all, including himself.

Folks, that is the high spots. The high spots they let out anyway. Not all of the agenda contains the information required. They will probably not put that out until May 8th at 11:59 AM so nobody has the chance to read it before the meeting. That would be Exhibit M. It is on the agenda but the info is not “active.”The BoTs still cannot get the little procedural things specified by NC Law. So what can you expect on the bigger issues? But you already knew the answer to that. Apart from hiring a new president who knows what he is doing, the CCC BoTs have basically been a gridlocked joke for the past year. A bad joke at that.

Come on out and watch the CCC BoTs in Action at 12 noon at CCC. Watch your taxpayer dollars at work. Ummm, maybe I should say to watch the CCC BoTs do their monkey business. They wouldn’t know how to act if I didn’t call it like it is.

But, most of all on Tuesday, get out to vote. Send Massa packing.

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