Cleveland Community College Adopts Phony Pay Scale!!! Gives almost everybody $920 Bonus!! @January 9, 2018 BoT Meeting Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Since articles, with backup information, regarding the goings on at CCC have gotten to be long, and by the time all the items are described; the first part of the article may become forgotten (or overwhelmed) because of so much information. Therefore, for your convenience, we have decided to hit the high spots one by one and try not to leave anything out.

Also remember that under the Freedom of Information Act and North Carolina Public Records laws I have requested all the reports the CCC Board of Trustees will see at their meetings for this meeting and all future meeting, but CCC refuses to obey Federal and State laws and provide this information that is public record. The reason is apparent. The Interim President selected by the BoTs does not want the public to know beforehand and speak up at the meetings. They already are filing false records of their meetings by not fairly and accurately describing in the meeting minutes what transpired in the meetings. What this tells me is “if CCC is hiding something, CCC has something to hide.” But we already know that, don’t we???

In this case over recent years the CCC salary and pay scales have gotten out of whack with reality and just about everybody knew it. There were lots of complaints about family and friends of the Executive Vice President getting undeserved promotions and pay raises. There were lots of complaints about employees who made complaints being demoted or fired. A Federal Lawsuit was filed alleging an older employee was fired so CCC could put a younger person into that position at a lower pay so the average pay would appear to be lower and so many top heavy positions wouldn’t look so bad. All in all the major complaint was regarding an unfair “sphere of influence” swirling around the Executive Vice President and it was her way or the highway. Scroll on back to previous articles if you have forgotten about all of this. Also note that the CCC BoTs commissioned an investigation by an outside entity to investigate the BoTs paperwork on their so called investigation (remember the BoT never interviewed the persons who actually made the complaints), but this “Caylor Report” seems to have disappeared without a trace. I have requested, under the Freedom of Information Act and NC Public Records laws, to examine these investigation documents but the BoTs have refused to obey the law and let me examine the documents.

So, the BoTs hired a consulting firm, Carolina Human Resources, Inc. from Sanford, NC to review the CCC pay scales and make recommendations to the BoT for an updated pay/salary scale. Fine and dandy you might think. It’s about time the BoT finally did something right. WRONG!!!

The CCC BoT just refuse to get the message. As I was sitting in the Peanut Gallery at the January 9, 2018 BoT meeting one of the first things I hear from the Carolina Human Resources people was that they had first interviewed the CCC Administration. What? The first thing they do is talk to the very people who got all this mess going in the first place. The very same people who determined who got what over the years that got the salary scales so out of whack. The very same people who are on the top of the “Totem Pole” at CCC now and surely want to stay there forever. They will too since the BoT refuses to take heed to all the complaints they are covering up.

I just knew right then that this compensation plan would not change anything. Those who may deserve to be fired or disciplined will still be running things and paid well in the process. Those who do their work honestly and fair and square will continue to be oppressed. Or run off.

Folks, My evaluation of this situation is this. I don’t much believe what is said. I base my opinion on what is done. If you want to see what was said about this Compensation Plan, go to the CCC Website. If you want to know what is being done, listen up.

Sources say CCC Department Directors and CCC Human Resources have began to conduct meetings with employees regarding this new compensation plan. It is reported that “all hell is breaking loose” amongst the CCC 10 and 12 month employees when they are told they will now be paid as 9 month employees at a 10-25% pay cut.

But, on the other hand a $920 bonus will be paid to all but 6 employees-already overpaid per the new scale. So, why shouldn’t the CCC employees not be happy? They are going to get $920 soon but face a 10-25% pay cut forever. No wonder the morale at CCC is so low. And going lower.

On top of that, there are reports the Presidential Search Committee has been pressured by an influential BoT member to make sure one CCC employee in particular ends up on the short list for the full time CCC President’s position. Speculation is the BoT member is Wes Westmoreland and the “special” employee is Exec VP Dr. Shannon Kennedy. I have predicted this for some time now but did not believe, until recently, that Kennedy’s “main” sponsor would be Westmoreland. More on this when I get to the Presidential Search part of the January 9, 2018 BoT meeting. Besides, reports are still coming in.

Folks, it is hard not to have sympathy for CCC employees that are getting screwed. But the fact is not enough of you got out to vote in the 2017 School Board election to change out those who appoint the BoT members who work so hard to cover-up the fact that you are getting screwed. The Commissioner’s Election this year will also be a test for you. It is time for you to help yourself by adjusting the attitude of the Commissioners with a new majority this 2018 Election year. Also, file Federal Lawsuits. Change at CCC will only occur because of the ballot box or the jury box. It is time to help yourself. Just me (and others) writing articles are not enough.

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