Civil War Starting in Cleveland County Republican Party!!! State Senator Ted Alexander said to be ready to Re-appoint Robert “Luke” Queen to the elitist Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees by Wednesday, June 30, 2021!!! Without even asking County Commissioners why they voted unanimously to boot Luke off the CCC Board of Trustees at their June 15, 2021 Commissioner’s Meeting!!! For Senator Ted Alexander to re-appoint Luke Queen, Alexander has to “throw out” well know Philanthropist Betty Carrigan!!! Report, gossip and recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Part I: Background

Folks, First let us provide some pieces to this puzzling conundrum the Cleveland County Republican Party has created for themselves.

The Cleveland County Republican Party consists of Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, Robert “Luke” Queen, David Allen and the rest of us 24,750 registered Republicans. The Republican Party is the largest political party in Cleveland County.
All Five Cleveland County Commissioners are registered Republicans.
In the 2020 School Board Elections there were five open seats and Robert “Luke” Queen and the other four Republican candidates won the elections with over 36,000 votes. Which means they won with the majority of Republicans AND Democrat votes.
The Republican School Board candidates, including Luke Queen, in the 2020 Elections promised the people of Cleveland County that they believed in and would promote transparency, honesty, cutting waste and service in the best interest of the children of Cleveland County. Then, led by School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen immediately broke those promises at the very first meeting after they were sworn in and every day since then. Thus, proving Robert “Luke” Queen to be a LIAR.
Robert “Luke” Queen’s School Board Majority also voted to approve a $51 million increase in the CCS Budget. From $155 Million to $206 Million. Without any funding for building replacements for the many many aging schools. Thus, proving Robert “Luke” Queen to be a tax-dollar waster!!
The Cleveland County School Board, under School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen has taken the path of ignoring and violating North Carolina law by refusing to timely execute Public Records Requests as well as falsifying public records, such as minutes of meetings, in such a way as to illegally keep inaccurate records. Thus, proving Robert “Luke” Queen to be a CROOK!!!
The Cleveland County Commissioners, taking notice of School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queens arrogant, aberrant and illegal behavior; as well as his failing to promptly collect the $523,500 owed by Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in the long over-due final payment for the “Old” North Shelby School, correctly assessed Robert “Luke” Queen as being unworthy for further service on the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees and did NOT reappoint Luke to that position.
Upon learning that he would not be reappointed to the CCC Board of Trustees, Luke (now characteristically) created a false public record document on June 15, 2021 stating that the dual membership on both the School Board and CCC BoTs board was overtaxing his abilities and requested the Commissioners NOT to consider him for reappointment to the CCC Board of Trustees Board. Not only was this letter false, Luke backdated his own letter 15 days to June 1, 2021 to deceive the public into believing that he had NOT actually been “fired” by the Cleveland County Commissioners from the CCC Board of Trustees. Also Note that the Commissioners also did NOT re-appoint Betsy Wells to the DSS Advisory Board. Perhaps because of all the bad “advice” and lawsuits coming out against the County because of DSS corruption.

Part II: “Pass the Trash.” How Cleveland County Schools enables child sexual Predators and Pedophiles to escape prosecution and continue their bad acts at other school districts.

I published an article on March 2, 2020 titled “School Board Caught “Passing the Trash!!!” Enabling Sexual Predators to “Mess” with YOUR Kids!!” In that article I described how the Federal Depart of Education Department under Betsy DeVos was cracking down on sexual predators masquerading as school teachers and local school boards that would force those who were caught to resign and they would not be prosecuted. The perps, however, also kept their licenses and could and did just move on to another school district. “Passing the Trash” it was called. After receiving an email from a person that read my article, this person described how he had overheard a woman say at a CCS School Board Meeting that “There is no nice way to say this, so I will say it like it is, we have pedophiles in Cleveland County Schools”. On June 9, 2021 I passed this information along to the Cleveland County School Board, Superintendent Fisher, Law Enforcement, DSS and others stating that this communication should be considered a FORMAL COMPLAINT!!! On June 24, 2021 I received an emailed letter (Provided below) from Superintendent Fisher stating they did not know what I was talking about and asked for additional information-even though I gave them the text from my original source and asked them to contact that person. This avoiding the issue by CCS is typical.
School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen has personal knowledge of another situation where a Cleveland County School teacher was forced to resign by CCS for taking pornographic pictures of herself on school property and allegedly showing those pictures to her male students. And possibly more sordid acts with her male students. This teacher was allowed to keep her license, found another teaching position in South Carolina and then (and now) back in North Carolina. This happened before Luke was elected to the CCS School Board, but Luke had personal knowledge of this situation and I was sure that when Luke was sworn-in on the school board, that he would take care of this Pass the Trash problem (and other problems) at CCS. That is one of the main reasons I supported Luke and several other Republicans in the 2020 School Board Elections. This is also one of the reasons, once I found that Robert “Luke” Queen was NOT going to clean up the mess at CCS, indeed that Luke was going to support and enable the Pass the Trash practice and also enable the CCS to continue to enable child molesters, that I have since been working hard to remove Luke Queen and his lying, cheating and crooked ways from the CCS school board. As well as on the CCC Board of Trustees and any other position of trust in Cleveland county Government.

Part III: The Conspiracy to put Robert “Luke” Queen back on the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees and cover-up Luke’s evil ways on the school board.

Sources have reported that Trump-Hater Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen and perhaps Rev, Dr. Lamont Littlejohn, Dr. Jason Hurst, State Senator Ted Alexander, Speaker of the House Tim Moore and State Rep Kelly Hastings and other renegade Republicans have allegedly joined with Robert “Luke” Queen in a conspiracy to re-appoint Luke to the CCC BoT Board by dishonorably Discharging BOT member (and well known philanthropist) Betty Carrigan (the only female serving on the CCC BoT Board) from the CCC BoT Board. Carrigan’s position on the Board is now up for renewal and is filled by appointment by the NC General Assembly. This has to be done by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.
Sources have NOT reported that any rank and file Republicans or unaffiliated and democrats in Cleveland County support the conspiracy between Queen. Westmoreland, Bailey, Whisnant, Allen, Littlejohn, Hastings, Alexander, Moore and Hurst to re-appoint Robert “Luke” Queen onto the CCC BoT Board by dishonorably discharging Board Member Betty Carrigan.

Part IV: Likely Consequences should this conspiracy be consummated:

Cleveland County Commissioners will have to speak up about why they rightly clipped the wings of Robert “Luke” Queen.
Present Republican Party Leadership in Cleveland County will be changed out at every level and in short order.
Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Rev. Dr, Lamont Littlejohn and Dr. Jason Hurst and others, over time, will be removed from Cleveland Community College positions and will forever have the word “Former” attached to their names and positions. As well as be correctly described as liars, crooks and child molester enablers wherever they go.
The US Senate Seat of retiring Republican Richard Burr may be lost in the 2022 elections to a Democrat candidate by a close margin due to the backlash of good and moral Republicans who will not support any Republican candidate that associates themselves with Robert “Luke” Queen, Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, Rev. Dr. Lamont Littlejohn, Tim Moore, Kelly Hastings, Ted Alexander and their supporters who would publicly endorse and enable child molesters.
Tim Moore, Ted Alexander and Kelly Hastings will have strong and well-funded 2022 Primary Election opponents.
Enough Republican registered voters in Cleveland County will re-register as Unaffiliated, making Unaffiliated the largest political party in Cleveland County.
The loss of Shelby Star subscriptions will force the Star into bankruptcy.
Honest Republican and Unaffiliated who re-register back as Republican school board candidates will recapture the Majority in the 2022 and 2024 school board elections. And do the job that Robert “Luke” Queen, et. al. has refused to do. Which is clean up the numerous messes at CCS.

And, most importantly, Robert “Luke” Queen’s conversion to a liar, a crook, a tax dollar waster and a complicit child molester enabler will forever be driven out of the CCS School Board and every other public office in Cleveland County as well as the State of North Carolina and the USA. His supporters too.

Just my opinion folks. What about YOU?

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