City of Shelby Attorney Bob Yelton Forced Out!!! —Secret wheeling and Dealing by City of Shelby!!! –Documents Provided by Robert A. Williams

The attached documents are:
1. The Resolution by the City of Shelby to accept Attorney Bob Yelton’s resignation and to hire Rick Howell’s Attorney–Martha Thompson out of Gastonia.
2. Attorney Bob Yelton’s resignation letter indicating that the City of Shelby intended to replace him.
3. The Contract with Martha Thompson as the interim City Attorney.

Editor’s Note: The new Shelby City Attorney, Martha Thompson, represented City Manager Rick Howell in Willie Green’s lawsuit against Howell in his individual capacity. Thompson filed a Motion to Dismiss Green’s lawsuit against Howell based on an implied immunity for Howell as a city official. Superior Court Judge W. Todd Pomeroy denied Howell/Thompson’s Motion to Dismiss based on Howell’s malicious and criminal intent. Howell/Thompson appealed Judge Pomeroy’s ruling to the NC Appeals Court in a frivolous appeal that likely will be denied by the NC Court of Appeals. In our opinion, Willie Green should be glad that Martha Thompson is representing Rick Howell, Mayor Stan Anthony and Council Member Violet Dukes as well as the rest of the Shelby City Council. Bob Yelton should be glad that he is no longer saddled with the corruption amongst the Shelby City officials who refused to straighten up their corrupt actions. Marth Thompson should also be glad because she will likely become a $Millionaire defending all the corrupt so-called “leadership” running the City of Shelby. The people living outside of Shelby should be glad that their taxes won’t be paying Thompson’s legal bills or Howell’s, and the rest, fines and judgments.

Resolution No. 18-2020 packet-Yelton leaving COS

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