Citizens Predictions for Cleveland County in 2020!!! More Lawsuits, FBI and SBI Investigations, Calls for Resignations, Protests by previously unlikely coalitions, Speaking-out against Government Corruption, Election Propaganda and lies blocked by the Truth, Demise of the corrupt ALWS Baseball, Inc. Political Forums galore and MORE!!! Predictions, gossip, arguendo and facts provided by Robert A. Williams

Folks, Merry Christmas to you and yours-and a Happy New Year’s wishes. And resolutions. In these next few days before the advent of 2020, the second decade in the 21st century, there will be celebrations, travel, family get togethers and a general turnoff of the silly TV political news coming out of Washington, DC. Most of our attentions will be turned to counting our blessings, Christmas Shopping, returns, and for the wise-after Christmas sales with deep discounts, New Year’s Eve Parties and the New Year Shooters over in Cherryville. All y’all be sure to drive safely.

But other things are in motion too. Just waiting for January 2nd, 2020 to roll around and reality to set in.

Gossip around the Courthouse is joking about the Cleveland County Schools frivolous $3 Million lawsuit against Sheriff Alan Norman. The CCS claimed Sheriff Norman did improper things and citizens are calling, no-demanding, that information be provided to the public. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been officially called in to investigate.

The 2020 Candidates for the County Commissioners and School Board, except for petition candidates are set in stone and awaiting the campaign season of 2020. Some good things have happened there. Commissioner Susan Allen did not file for re-election. Neither did the disgraced and defeated former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook file to run for anything. School Board members Jo Boggs and Jeff Jones did not file for re-election. It is expected that the 2020 Elections will remove the remaining incumbent majorities on both the Commissioners and School Board. But those 2020 elections are almost a year away. Perhaps many of the incumbents will be forced to resign before then.

Present lawsuits against the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees are expected to be ready for trial in 2020. New information I just received yesterday from the CCC “Faculty Senate” indicates that there may be a “mass exodus” of faculty members from CCC in 2020. It seems that the Board of Trustees have not been providing the proper oversight over the New President Dr. Jason Hurst. Of course, Dr. Hurst has done his immediate duty in purging CCC of Former CCC President Dr. Stephen Thornburg, Executive Vice President Shannon Kennedy and College Dean Eddie Holbrook; but all the slightly less major scandals were left untouched and unresolved. And a few new problems added. Which are always bad signs of ineffective leadership. All this is now coming to a head. Something I was predicting (to myself), especially after an incident at the 2019 7th Inning Stretch with Dr. Hurst that caused me to suspect that Hurst probably needed to go relatively soon as President of CCC. But, hey, that is a story for another day.

A Federal Lawsuit (Sexual Harassment) against the Cleveland County Commissioners, the County Manager Brian Epley, Health Department Director Dorothea Wyant (set for a 2020 retirement) and County Employee Sam Lockridge is winding through the Federal Court System. Believe it or not, I may get myself involved with that lawsuit as a witness for the plaintiff. Although I am not named directly in that lawsuit, some of my writings were used by the Plaintiff in generating the lawsuit and the Commissioners called me a liar. But, the truth of the matter is the Commissioners were negligent for over 25 years enabling a sexual harasser to continue harassing female county employees. And I would be willing to tell a jury what I know about that situation.

The Willie Green Lawsuit against the Shelby City Manager Rick Howell for defamation is about to bust Cleveland County wide open. “Gossip” is that Rick Howell’s “Motion to Dismiss” based on so-called “immunity” is likely to be denied in the next several days. Opening the beginning of a full-fledged trial that I predict Mr. Green will win. In the process, I predict that the Shelby Mayor and City Council individual members, the County Manager and the County Commissioners will ultimately be drawn into the lawsuit since the “immunity” they would also claim cannot be over-riding when malicious and/or criminal intent can be shown. Calls for resignation are already going out.

And, let’s not forget the remaining parts of the Shelby Police Department Officer Tim Brackeen killing where the full story has yet to be told. I predict 202 will NOT be a kind year for the Shelby Police Department as the information from three years ago comes out in the Fenner-Brackeen shootout comes out and that cover narrative is blown wide open. Not to mention the more recent cases where SPD investigations attempted to cover-up for sex crimes against students committed by their teachers. Don’t forget the several autistic children who were beaten up by other students. And the North Shelby School incident where an autistic boy was seriously injured by a teacher. SPD Coverup and all. The best I can tell is the ink from that lawsuit is not quite dry yet.

Oh, we haven’t gotten to the best part yet. Getting rid of all the bad actors who have run Cleveland County into the ground. And the poor-house. Making long overdue changes where changes need to be made. Changes from the top down, not the bottom up as usual. Skipping over the real problem-bad leadership.

Ideas for boycotts, protest, demonstrations and sit-ins are already being thought about and discussed. Lots of low key, middle key and high key stuff. All non-violent and clever. More speaking out at governmental agency board meetings during public participation. Public “moonings” of officials, not with “Naked Butts” but tee-shirts, buttons and sticky tags. Showing an actual moon pic, a smiley face, a political sticker endorsing a challenging candidate or something catchy, or all of the above, that gets the message across to county officials that we are tired of the disrespect shown to us oppressed citizens and we plan to show them disrespect at the ballot box when we vote for somebody else. Even a big, but phony smile can be effective.

More people showing up at county meetings. And even court trials as they happen. Holding numerous political candidate forums. Asking good questions and fact checking answers. Any no-shows should consider themselves gone on election day 2020.

Press conferences with State and National news would be a goal.

Protest marches at the American Legion World Series games in August. Not protests against the American Legion, Veterans or even baseball. But protests against the corruption, lies and waste of $Millions in taxpayer funds by the Cleveland County Commissioners and the Eddie Holbrook cover-up group. Plenty of information about this will be coming soon.

Protests, “moonings,” speak-outs, etc. at the Livermush Festivals, July 4th,events around Cleveland County, down at the Courthouse, at the Confederate Monument on the old Court Square, The FAIR and everywhere else we can think of. All targeting corruption. By diverse groups acting in unity against corruption.

Anybody that is against us or supports incumbent Commissioners and School Board members is for corruption and needs to be identified. And run out of any elected position they hold or seek to hold. Actually, this is pretty simple and will be fun. Coming together for a bold and courageous. Defeating Corruption in Cleveland County Government!!! In the 2020 Elections!!

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Bill balmer
1 year ago

The coward prentending to be a super has got to go. His big time lifestyle at 183k per year is a joke . Lets get rid of “do nothing” Fisher. About the only thing he is good at is covering up sex scandals .

1 year ago

And an article today about the bleeding cash cow known as the Earl Scruggs Museum taking Cleveland County tax dollars and sponsoring a huge event in POLK County.

Time to take out the trash in November, and cut every bit of tax dollars from the museum and ALWS. If they want to stay here and afloat, let private monies do it.

1 year ago

Good job local “leaders” in letting the Earl Scruggs event take place outside of Cleveland County. Time to drain the local swamp.