Citizen Speaks out on 2020 School Board Elections!!! Larry Henson replies to two Articles!!! Most voters agree. And So, do I!! Comments Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Article: Sneaky Old School Board Up to their old dirty tricks

Larry Henson Comment:

Ten of the eleven policies called for the Superintendent to be in charge of the various policies and report to the Board. That would mean that Superintendent Stephen Fisher would control what the new school board majority would see or hear in regard to the particular policy. (Editor’s Note: The OLD School Board -Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Jo Boggs and Dr. Jack Hamrick-approved all eleven of these policies at their last school board meeting that they were in charge of. Nov. 9, 2020)

You know, that is Nearly Exactly how self-serving the Policies of the City of Shelby works also!

ALL Leaders in Cleveland County, and the State of North Carolina should start MORE Criminal Investigations on these Corrupt Organizations that continue to perpetrate on American Citizens. RICO, and Violations of Ferally Protected Rights Continue.

BTW relatives and friends of these Publicly Paid for organizations continue to be Paid, a Fraud.

Lawrence (Larry) E. Henson

Article: CCS Administration needs a reality check and a wake-up call

Larry Henson Comment:

Good riddance to the worse than worthless CCS Board Members! Thank GOD and our Cleveland County Voters, they were voted Out of Office!

Steven Fisher – YOU need to LEAVE ASAP. Take your friends with you.

To the New Board Members: go through ALL of the Contracts, Budgets and Check for Criminal behavior of the CCS Board, Administration, and even the non performing. Many being paid and Not Working for Our Children (yet STILL receiving Our Tax Dollars).

Get rid of Common Core. Turn off the Cameras and Microphones that run 24/7 on the government Tablets and Laptops. Expose to the World, WHAT indoctrination and spying on American Students and their families are STILL be unwilling partners in Data Collection!

To the (old) Board Member(s) that say; “we were ONLY doing our jobs”! READ and see the videos of the NAZIS that said the very SAME Words.

Those who refuse to learn from History, let others Repeat It!

China manufactures 95% of ALL our Meds, r

Larry Hensen

Editor’s Note: What does the rest of Cleveland County have to say to the NEW Cleveland County Board of Education!!

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