CHIPOLA MAKES U.S. NEWS BEST COLLEGES LIST Breaking News-CCC-Press Release: Cleveland Community College’s Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee announce the six candidates they will interview for the job of President of CCC.

The candidates are:

Scott Balog is a first-generation community college graduate who now holds a Doctorate of Education from Florida State University. He has more than 13 years experience working at a community college and in support of the Florida College System. He currently serves as the Chief of Staff at Tallahassee Community College in Florida where he is involved in strategic decision making, managing the operating budget of the College, economic development and other responsibilities. He is also active within the community, including serving as Chair of the College’s United Way Campaign and as an advisor to Rotaract of Tallahassee, a young adult service organization.

Jason Hurst currently serves as the Senior Director of Workforce Development for the Alabama Community College System. He has worked in education for 23 years, at both 2- and 4-year institutions. In his current position, Hurst has responsibilities including directing workforce initiatives and assignments for programs within the System, and managing and disseminating grant funds. Prior to this position, Hurst served as President of Chipola College in Florida. He holds a PhD in Community College Leadership from Mississippi State University.

Shannon Kennedy has lived in Cleveland County for more than 20 years and has worked at Cleveland Community College for 17 years. She currently serves as Executive Vice President at CCC. In this role her duties include overseeing several departments, managing the College’s budget, leading efforts in enrollment management and other responsibilities. Kennedy is also involved in the community including serving as Chair of United Way of Cleveland County, President of Shelby Rotary Club and Chair of Destination Cleveland County. Kennedy holds a Doctorate in Adult and Community College Education from North Carolina State University.

Daryl Minus has experience working at 2- and 4-year institutions. Most recently, he has worked in several senior-level administrative positions within the North Carolina Community College System. He currently serves as Vice President for Student Services at Cape Fear Community College in North Carolina. In this position his primary responsibilities include overseeing all student services and enrollment management operations. Minus holds a Doctorate of Education, Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

Camille Reese has worked in higher education for more than 30 years. Currently, she serves as Vice President for Instruction and Chief Academic Officer at Mitchell Community College in North Carolina. In this role, Reese is responsible for curriculum programs at two campuses, working with local public-school partners, engaging with business and industry and other duties. Reese holds a Doctorate of Educational Leadership from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro.
Patricia Rowell has more than 25 years of community college leadership experience. Her experience includes more than nine years working in senior positions with responsibilities that include community engagement, legislative and policy development, budget management and academic programming. Rowell is active in her community, having served on the Board of Directors of the North Royalton YMCA and the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce, and as the Co-chair of the Relay for Life Core Team among other activities. Rowell holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Florida. She currently resides in Florida.

These six candidates have been invited to the campus of Cleveland Community College. On-campus interviews will take place as follows:

January 22 – Dr. Camille Reese
January 23 – Dr. Scott Balog
January 24 – Dr. Daryl Minus
January 26 – Dr. Jason Hurst
January 29 – Dr. Shannon Kennedy
January 30 – Dr. Patricia Rowell

Each candidate will meet with faculty, staff and the community, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. on the day of their visit. These meetings will be held in the Mildred H. Keeter Auditorium and are open to the public.

The Board of Trustees plans to have Cleveland Community College’s new President on the job by April 2, 2018.


Evaluation, analysis and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

Jason Hurst, second on the CCC list, is head and shoulders above the other candidates on this list for the job as CCC President. First of all, Hurst is presently the Senior Director of Workforce Development for the Community College System for the whole state of Alabama. Someone who knows what he is doing. Exactly what we need running Cleveland Community College as Workforce Development at CCC is already behind the eight ball and everybody knows it. Also, Hurst was previously the President of Chipola College in Florida. A four year college with about the same attendance as CCC but competes and wins performance awards when compared with all the other big state colleges in Florida. But don’t believe me. Look up “Chipola College” on the internet just like I did. Especially, look up:




My theory on selecting leaders for troubled organizations such as CCC and CCS is look nationwide for the best rated similar organization and hire that leader, no matter what the cost. Fool around with in-house people and what do you get, more of the same-a troubled organization on and on. From the above information It is totally obvious that Jason Hurst is the person for President of Cleveland Community College.

But, as I have predicted all along, Shannon Kennedy is the favorite amongst the CCC Board of Trustees. For all the wrong reasons. Scroll on back several articles and read about a report I received regarding an influential BoT member NOT on the Presidential Search Committee bullying the Committee to add Kennedy to the finalist list when she was not originally on the list. Scroll on back more for the reports that Kennedy was alleged to have been improperly promoted by former President Thornburg because of her perceived sex appeal in Thornburg’s mind. Remember Thornburg’s “fuckshannon69″ password that eventually got him removed (paid off-$200,000) from CCC.

All in all, it’s either hire someone who will lead Cleveland Community College into a bright future or drag Cleveland County into a perpetual scandalous past. A good example of a perpetual scandalous past is Cleveland County Schools.

Call County Commissioner and Senior Dean Eddie Holbrook and tell him his ‘Magic Answer” to economic development is Jason Hurst. Holbrook will know what you mean.

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