Charlotte Judge Orders CCS to allow Transgender female to use Boys Restroom at Kings Mountain High School Beginning Wednesday January 29, 2020 Investigative Report by Robert A. Williams

A very strange thing (among many other strange things) happened at Monday’s School Board meeting. A closed session was on the agenda. And when this agenda item was reached, the School Board, by law, has to announce why they are going into closed session by clearly stating the particular NC law that allows for that particular closed session. By law the School Board cannot go into closed session for one reason and talk about other things that are NOT in accordance with the law that was stated. On this occasion the School Board had brought in their Raleigh lawyer. The first time in a very long time.

When the Motion was made to go into closed session, the laws that were called out also required that the motion include the Lawsuit case number. The school board did not name the lawsuit. I smelled a rat. Kinda like the recent lawsuit the School Board filed against Sheriff Alan Norman. The statements made then caused me to go to the courthouse the very next day. So, bright and early Tuesday morning I head straight to the courthouse.

Over time and many trips to the courthouse to research court records and court watch, I have become friendly with many people in the Clerk of Court office, and Sheriff’s Deputies and many lawyers. When I go to the courthouse, there are always many greetings and discussions to be had wherever I go. Tuesday morning was no exception. I even ran into Speaker of the House Tim Moore. Who, until a recent redrawing of district lines was my Representative?

So, I go to the Clerk’s Office looking for a new lawsuit against or by Cleveland County Schools. Just like I did with the CCS lawsuit against the Sheriff. Only thing is, this time court records didn’t show any new lawsuits. Figuring that the lawsuit may have been in regard to a minor, I asked the Clerk to check juvenile records. Again, nothing.

Then I went by the Courtroom areas and checked each of the courtroom to see if anything likely was going on. Again Nothing.

But, some of the folks that know me also know what is happening around the courthouse. A little chit-chat discussion here, a little chit-chat discussion there and after a while I piece together the puzzle. There was a “confidential” hearing with a Charlotte Judge regarding a female trans-gender student at Kings Mountain that wanted to be able to use the “boy’s: restroom. Any boy’s restroom throughout the whole school. Later I would learn that CCS had fixed up three private restrooms for that student only at strategic places at Kings Mountain High School

Back at the courthouse and during my conversation with Tim regarding the CCS Lawsuit against the Sheriff, I learned that the motion to dismiss that case was heard in Judges Chambers. So, maybe that was the case here. Also, I asked Tim about the infamous Bathroom Law that the General Assembly passed that drew national controversy. Tim briefly described what took place regarding that bathroom law fiasco. In short, and per my understanding, the law in its final version, stated that private businesses did not have to provide special rights to transgender persons if they chose not to. But governmental agencies, such as public schools, would be abler to individually decide how to provide transgender persons with bathroom facilities. I was silently alarmed about how the nit-wits on the Cleveland County School Board would MIS-handle such a consideration. Wastefully!!! I was sure of that.

Other discussions at the Courthouse and some phone calls to some trusted sources here and there indicated that a “confidential” hearing at the Courthouse had indeed happened. And Cleveland County Schools LOST the lawsuit. And the Charlotte Judge, apparently a flaming liberal, had ORDERED CCS to begin allowing the transgender person to use any boy’s restroom at Kings Mountain beginning Wednesday, January 29, 2020. I was glad to learn that the School Board had instructed their Raleigh Lawyer to APPEAL the liberal judges order.

But now, in my own thinking, I am sure that this appeal is what the lawyer for the other side was hoping for. All the way to the highest court in the land. I am thinking that the transgender person is going to be used as a “genie-pig” for the Liberal Gay Rights Crowd to overturn North Carolina State law. Just like they did with the NC laws against gay marriage. That is my prediction.

I also predict that CCS will be spending tons of money on lawyer bills. My opinion is CCS should fight this flaming liberal judges’ rulings all the way to the US Supreme Court. And use the new found money from the sale of the old North Shelby School (that is another sad story for CCS–that will be told later) to pay for it.

That is my opinion. What do you think about all the School Board secret stuff???
Tell us what you think. Shout it out all the way to the ballot box to help get rid of all the School Board members who get us Cleveland County residents involved with such a mess as this. All the while having to accept failing schools and a failing school board.

Also, if you are a parent of a male Kings Mountain High School student; warn your child NOT to pick on, mess with or bully this transgender student who is all lawyered up. You might find yourself homeless from having to pay all the expensive lawyer bills yourself.

Think for yourself and sound off in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note: Folks, this time YOU will have to believe me as everybody t CCS is afraid to tell us the news. Maybe the Shelby Star too!!

1 comment for “Charlotte Judge Orders CCS to allow Transgender female to use Boys Restroom at Kings Mountain High School Beginning Wednesday January 29, 2020 Investigative Report by Robert A. Williams

  1. Bill Balmer
    January 29, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    What is happening to our schools ? Sickening ! and FISHER hires another pervert, one from his “own flock” per the Star. Robert you nailed it on the Bully Glover nickname and i have one for to add “FISHY FISHER.” I just wonder how long he covered this one up . In the words of man with 10x more sense than Fisher (Gomer Pyle)—SHAME SHAME SHAME!

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