CCS Superintendent Fisher Shows his ASS at Football Game!!?? Shelby Beats Kings Mountain!! And other tidbits that taxpayers will not like to hear!!! Gossip Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I call this a gossip report because I didn’t see it for myself. However, this report came from trusted sources and I believe it is 100% TRUE!!

Background–According to the report, last year Kings Mountain beat Shelby at Shelby in a longstanding High School football game rivalry. Allegedly, after that game ended, many KM Football team members and maybe coaches and fans too ran out on the field in celebration and stomped all over the Shelby High School logo on the 50 yard-line. Some went as far as to take clippings from the field loge grass for souvenirs. Of course, in this kind of rivalry, Shelby HS Football players, coaches and fans are pissed-off.

Fast forward to Friday night before last (August 20, 2021) and the Shelby Football Team, Coaches and fans travel to Kings Mountain High School’s brand-new Million-Dollar (plus) football field for a rematch. This time the Shelby Football Team thrashes the Kings Mountain team on their own brand new high-dollar football field…and you can guess what happens next. Shelby players, coaches and fans rush the center of the KM field and returns the favor. Stomping the KM HS logo and such.

Only this time, here comes the Kings Mountain Coaches-accompanied by Cleveland County Schools Superintendent Stephen Fisher-arms a-waving and fingers a-pointing. Stop!! Stop!! Stop!! Fisher yells, making a fool of himself in front of the packed stadium for all to see.

It is a well-documented fact that CCS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Fisher lives in Kings Mountain or in the Kings Mountain Area and attends Kings Mountain Baptist Church. It is also known or believed that Dr. Fisher has children that attend schools in the Kings Mountain District-possibly a son that plays on the Kings Mountain High School Football team. Therefore, it might be safe to say that Dr. Fisher might be a KMHS fan who got carried away in the moment at last week’s KM v. Shelby HS Football game. Or, he is just a sore loser.

However, it is NOT well known that Dr. Stephen Fisher, as Superintendent at Cleveland County Schools has the approval authority to authorize, without school board approval, large sums ($100,000 previously, a somewhat lesser amount now) of taxpayer funded money. And it is never discussed at School Board meetings. Some, like myself, have looked at the CCS Capital spending report and see a pattern where Kings Mountain High Schools and other Kings Mountain District Schools seem to get their buildings and facilities repaired and maintained much better than Burns, Crest and often Shelby. It has come to my attention that, while Burns and Crest have suffered with long term HVAC problems, mold infestation and other air quality issues, Kings Mountain schools are reported to have gotten a lot of new HVAC equipment instead of piecemeal and shoddy repairs like at Burns and Crest. Mostly, per my sources, authorized directly by Superintendent Stephan Fisher at just under his $100,000 approval limit.

Something that has also come to my attention is that the new School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen has become Fisher’s BFF and shows up at Kings Mountain Schools to be photographed with Fisher at KM school events and such photos and appearing more and more on the CCS Website. I checked and saw that myself.

It is also not very well known, or reported, that Superintendent Stephen Fisher, under his high spending limit without school board approval, has allegedly been authorizing the former High Dollar Raleigh lawyers, the same ones Fisher used to file his $3 Million Lawsuit against Sheriff Alan Norman-the ones that the new school board voted to fire, to tie up the Federal Title IX four-year investigation regarding gender discrimination at Shelby High Schools Boys Baseball Field. Allegedly Fisher/CCS has struck a structured payment deal with the Raleigh based lawyers so that they bill CCS before Fisher’s payment limit without Board approval is exceeded. And then start up another billing session swindle-over and over again. School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen’s Board “Financial” Committee has not found, or at least reported any of this to the full School Board. Or, Luke has instructed them not to report it. All the while Superintendent Stephen Fisher has been providing false information to the School Board that there are NO Title IX issues still outstanding with the Shelby High School Boy’s baseball field that many millions of dollars was spent on by both Cleveland County Schools, the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc. run by former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook and other fundraising activities such as selling advertisements on the Baseball Outfield “billboards,” souvenirs, donations, etc.

More about that (and other red-hot issues) just a little bit later!!! And make sure your blood pressure meds prescription is up to date and recently filled.

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Bill Balmer
13 days ago

Fisher needs to be more concerned about the teacher at KM that gave out a test glamorizing drug dealers and all sorts of inapporiate things. If this person is still empolyed as a teacher i call for the CC school boards entire resignation.