CCS School Board Doesn’t Meet “Minimum Standards!!!” Refuse to listen to Health and Safety Issues that affect Children and Staff at Burns and Crest High Schools!! Sends CCS Maintenance Engineer into Hiding so he couldn’t be questioned. Eye Witness report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The relatively short September 14, 2020 School Board meeting turned ugly just minutes after Rev. Billy Houze of the Lawndale Baptist Church presented the invocation asking for the Lord’s guidance to help the School Board to use “wisdom and knowledge” to help the school board “make the right decisions.” Whatever wisdom and knowledge the school board had (Note that Board Member Coleman Hunt was absent from this meeting.) evaporated almost as soon as Rev. Houze’s words of Prayer finished echoing through the walls of the meeting room. It was a shame and a disgrace of a meeting. Below minimum standards. And I told the School Board that before the meeting was over.

After the formalities at the start of the meeting; the Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and Recognition of Guests, the first order of business is the Adoption of the Meeting Agenda. This is where the stupidity and ill-will of the School Board’s so-called “leadership” became all too obvious.

Danny Blanton made a simple motion to amend the Agenda to allow a discussion of the Health and Safety of Students and Staff at certain CCS schools. Any discussion related to the health and safety of students and staff at school or anywhere else automatically becomes top priority for any group of reasonable people of average intelligence and even a modicum of responsibility. Especially during an election year when there are five seats up for election on the school board.

That election year part was obvious to Board Member Roger “Sneaky” Harris who quickly seconded Blanton’s motion. But then immediately started asking silly questions about what the discussion would be about instead of waiting to hear what the problems and issues were that Blanton wanted to talk about. Members Phillip Bully” Glover, Richard Hooker and Chairman Shearra Miller were close behind.

Blanton held up a sealed sample of “mold” and a toxicology report that he had personally obtained and asked the others to vote on his motion and let him proceed as he had requested. The vote was four (Danny Blanton, Dena Green, Dr. Jack Hamrick and Sneaky Roger Harris) to amend the agenda to allow Blanton to speak to three (Jo Boggs, Richard Hooker and Bully Glover. Then Chairman Shearra Miller raised her hand as against amending the agenda. Making it a tie. Remember, Board Member Coleman Hunt was absent.

Then Sneaky Roger Harris, the unofficial self-proclaimed Parliamentarian quickly said that a tie-vote meant that the motion failed to pass. Just as quickly forgetting that according to Robert’s Rules of Order does not allow Chairman Shearra Miller to vote unless there is a tie. The vote was 4 to 3 before her vote. It was not a tie until Miller illegally voted to make it a tie. But, don’t believe me, Look it up!

I did and Robert’s Rules of Order says:

The Chairman is the “Only person in the entire meeting that doesn’t have the ability to vote. Unless in cases where there is a tie.”

It should also be noted that Board Member Dr. Jack Hamrick, a Medical Doctor voted in favor oh having a discussion on the health and safety of our children and staff while at school.

It should also be noted that one of the major causes of death from COVID 19 deaths are respiratory problems associated with underlying medical conditions. And, what is the major problems with mold? Respiratory Problems. So COVID 19 caused respiratory problems plus the underlying medical condition of respiratory problems caused by mold multiply the risks of death. And the silly Cleveland County School Board just voted to NOT have a discussion on the Health and Safety of our children and staff at school.

If anything, the Cleveland County School Board, led by Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Sneaky Roger Harris are themselves a health hazard for our children and school staff. And they know it and try to cover it up. This is clearly shown by the School Board sending the CCS Maintenance Engineer, Steve Boheler, to another room so Danny Blanton and others might have the opportunity to question him about the mold problems, how severe and what it would take to fix the problems.

During the Citizens Participation, I told the School Board that I had described the mold problems and how to fix them in one of my very recent articles. And they knew it because I had sent an advance copy to every one of them and Supt. Fisher too. Also stated that this was the worst case of the school board not meeting minimal standards in all the years that I have attended school board meetings. That I would work to elect a new majority.

And here it is. My recommendations for the five seats on the School Board that are up for election:

Robert Queen,
Joel Shores,
Samantha Davis.
Rodney Fitch,
Ron Humphries,

This is how it will look on your 2020 Election Ballot. The back of the ballot (page 2) Lower third and in the center column. This is the most important race for local offices. The five candidates as marked represent the change that is long overdue to reform the School Board into a transparent, fair and honest, and efficient organization that is dedicated to better the educational system in Cleveland County. Print this page off and take it with you when you go to vote. Nobody can take it away from you.

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6 days ago

It seems some board members are willing to turn a blind eye to this problem. There is no shame in acknowledging a problem and then working to fix it. The shame is when it appears you are doing nothing and hope it goes away. No organization is perfect. Why do the current board members want to paint it this way? I would have more faith in them if they would tackle problems head on in bright day light.