CCS Employees Urged to Attend October 14th School Board Meeting!! Hundreds of CCS Hourly Employees Suffered Paycheck Cuts!!— Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

School Board member Danny “Professor Einstein” Blanton has brought it to the public’s attention that Cleveland County Schools have adopted some sort of “new” pay schedule for hourly employees that has reduced their just received normal monthly paychecks by $200 to as much as $1,000. As previously stated on Mr. Blanton’s Facebook page, “Professor Einstein” provided a contact number for CCS employees to call regarding their situation.

Also, an anonymous ((Jane Doe) CCS employee made a comment on Mr. Blanton’s Facebook page calling for everyone affected to attend the next CCS Board Meeting. That would be the October 14, 2019 School Board meeting. We agree with that suggestion. We suspect Professor Einstein will make some statements during the Public Participation part of the agenda or possibly the foolish Chairman of the Board Shearra Miller and the rest of the board will surrender their illegal practice of refusing to allow Mr. Blanton to speak and allow Danny Blanton to speak with additional time.

In any event, every affected CCS Employee, literally hundreds, should also sign up to speak during the Public Participation segment at this October 14th School Board meeting and voice your opinion. There will be strength in numbers so do not be afraid the other nitwits on the School Board or Superintendent Fisher will retaliate against you. Also remember that the 2020 School Board elections start this December and Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Jo Boggs, Roger Harris and Jeff Jones are up for reelection. With elections this close, they will be totally afraid to piss-off large numbers of CCS employees. In the meantime, vote AGAINST the Sales Tax increase referendum that will be on the 2019 Election Ballot in November. AS Professor Einstein put it so clear, “I don’t want the schools to get any additional money until they learn to spend what we already have with some sense.” Wouldn’t it be nice to know just how much CCS wasted in figuring out ways to screw over employees with this new accounting hourly employee pay???

Sources have reported that maybe the schools are paying their hourly employees for four weeks this month and maybe for five weeks next month. But, how can a person on an hourly pay schedule, usually the least paid of CCS employees, budget for such wildly different pay checks? You can bet it was NOT an hourly paid person who came up with this crazy new idea.

But maybe they are not so crazy. They are smart at screwing over employees for THEIR own benefit. By keeping part of YOUR monthly pay one month and paying you back the next month, YOU are actually giving them the loan of YOUR money for THEM to collect interest on. A planned scheme to make additional cash available for an extra bonus for THEMSELVES at YOUR expense. And not caring that YOU miss a car payment or a house payment in the process.

As for me, I say YOU need to pay more attention to what YOUR School Board is doing to YOU. See ya at the October 14th meeting and hopefully from then on. Miss the meetings at YOUR expense and risk. Ignorance is NOT bliss anymore. Ignorance is money out of YOUR pocket. Not mine.

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