CCS Board Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover: A Bully who claims he is being bullied. A Liar who claims others are lying about him. The Facts of the matter: Report by Robert A. Williams

Four term School Board member and Board Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover, up for election this year, has a problem. REALITY!!! And Bully is not coping very well.

Bully finished a dismal third place out of four in last week’s Democrat Primary Election.
A sitting Board Chairman who has done a good job should have finished in First Place. That must have been Bully’s first “reality check” after months, years, of denial that his way of doing things has not been in the best interest of CCS and especially our children.

And the public is on to the real Phillip Bully Glover. Once and for all.

Over the past several years Bully Glover has carefully orchestrated his role as the CCS Board Chairman to shut down and shut-up Board Member Danny Blanton as well as the public. Bully has apparently persuaded all the other Board Members to never “second” a motion by Danny Blanton, which the other Board Members, including Kathy Falls, have gone along with. Bully has lead the Board in the Board practice of never answering or investigating public complaints to the Board that were brought up during the Board’s Public Participation part of their Board Meetings that are required by State Law. Bully once threatened Robert Queen, now an election opponent, with ejection from the meeting because Bully ordered Mr. Queen to stop talking before Queen had finished his last sentence of his prepared statement. Bully recently did indeed have a woman ejected because she and everyone else objected to Bully refusing to allow Danny Blanton to speak regarding a subject that had been brought up. Bully, as CCS Board Chairman, is responsible for allowing (and perhaps ordering) that Freedom of Information Act requests not be complied with. Bully, as CCS Chairman, refused to allow a member of the public-me to attend a public meeting of the CCS Board to inspect construction progress and the status of the new North Shelby School Project that is twice as costly per square foot as the new Pinnacle Classical Academy school construction. Bully and Jo Boggs lied to Elizabeth Baptist Church Deacon Billy Scruggs about why CCS had changed the school bus route and stop for Mr. Scruggs grandson to a much more dangerous location. You don’t have to believe me, ask Mr. and Mrs. Billy Scruggs. They will certainly be glad to fill you in on the details of that.

Now, CCS “wheels” including Board Chairman Bully Glover are responsible for banning the Burns High School FFA Club’s Fair Booth because it contained cotton and a few words from the song “Dixie,” A song that calls the South the “Land of Cotton” and “Old times are not forgotten.” A song that Abraham Lincoln had played at many of his rallies and Jefferson Davis had played at his inauguration as President of the Confederated States of America. This banning by CCS is said to have come about by a fear that someone would be offended, yet that someone cannot be found or identified as of yet anyway. And perhaps doesn’t exist outside the warped minds of CCS Wheels like Bully, Kathy Falls and others.

All this reality that has come down on Bully Glover right before his re-election bid has apparently caused mental anguish for Bully. As they say, “the truth hurts” and Bully says that is “cruel.” Bully also says that he didn’t know anything about the banning of the FFA Exhibit (although I had copied him with my original article September 27, 2017, asking him for comments and warning “be silent at your own risk”) and that he had done NOTHING wrong. Blaming all his lying troubles on his political opponents.

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