CCS Board Chairman Opening Driving School !!?? Let the Truth Come Out!!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

An anonymous call came in to me today reporting that Cleveland County Schools Chairman of the Board of Education Phillip “Bully” Glover was opening a private Driver’s Education School in Shelby, NC. This school called Safeway Driving School is located off the Highway 74 bypass near Sweet Frog Yogurt. The call alleged Glover already has a place, a new car, certification, and is recruiting for students at Thomas Jefferson in Rutherford County and Pinnacle Classical Academy in Cleveland County-Both Charter Schools. Which is strange as Bully and CCS have gone on record, even lawsuits, opposing Charter Schools. But, as Mark Twain says, A man gits his (o)pinion where he gits his pone. Same with Bully.

Of course it is the American dream to own and operate your own business. And, become a millionaire in the process. We wish Bully well in that regard. Bully, as a retired Highway Patrolman, appears to be well qualified as a driving instructor.

However, the rub comes in when you look at North Carolina State law. It is illegal for school employees as well as School Board members or their immediate families to profit from doing business with the schools. Board member Shearra Miller was reported to the Kings Mountain Police Department for her husband owning and operating Bridges Hardware in Kings Mountain and selling lots of hardware and materials to Cleveland County Schools. The Millers, Shearra and Tim got out of it the old fashion Cleveland County way, they lied and cheated their way out of it.

Tim Miller tells the investigators that he doesn’t own Bridges Hardware. He just works there. Shearra Miller’s School Board campaign reports show a good sized donation from her husband, Tim Miller. On that document Tim Miller gave his occupation as “owner and operator” of Bridges Hardware. County property records show that the owners of the building Bridges Hardware operates out of belongs to Shearra Miller’s mother and father. You would think the Kings Mountain Police and District Attorney’s investigators could have put two and two together. Shearra Miller’s husband as well as her mother and father are close family members under North Carolina law. So, no matter what, the schools doing business associated with the close family members of Shearra Miller is against North Carolina law.

But, the school board and board member Shearra Miller, aided and abetted by the District Attorney and Law Enforcement, are following the same old Cleveland County tradition of ignoring the facts and ignoring the law. In Cleveland County you can do that if you are well connected enough.

Now, how does all this fit into Bully Glover running a driver’s education school?

On the face of it the safest and simple thing for Bully Glover (and Shearra Miller) to do is to resign from the Cleveland County Board of Education. But, we anticipate Bully will follow suit with Shearra Miller and ignore the law. Bully, on the school board, has an inside track on information about what the state of North Carolina is going to do with the driver’s education program. As the Chairman of the school board Bully can manipulate the school board in such a way as to benefit his driving school business. That is an even bigger violation of NC Law, although it is standard practice in Cleveland County.

So, what to do…what to do? Folks, that answer is simple. If Bully Glover signs up to run again this year for the School Board, voters can just vote Bully out of office. It is just that simple. That is also the American Way. That is how we got rid of Hillary Clinton. “Nuff said about that!!!

PS: Bully Glover and Shearra Miller are encouraged to provide their written statements in regard to this article. We will ensure their sides of the stories are published. We also consider if they don’t reply, everything in this article is 100% true. That is already our belief, but we want to be fair. All we want is for the truth comes out.

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