CCC Employees Sounding Off about New Salary Plan!!! I knew this was going to happen about 30 seconds into the presentation! Now bonus money is going to the already highly paid! Report by Robert A. Williams

As I stated in a previous article when the first thing I heard from the Carolina Human Resources consultants that they had discussed their salary review plans with the CCC administration, the ones who caused the problems in the first place, that I just knew things were going to be screwed up. A phony plan was in the works.

But not necessarily on paper. The devil is always in the details. How the plans that are approved are implemented is the devil. The salary plan as told to and approved by the Board of Trustees actually sounded pretty good. Feed back by inside sources indicate that “all hell has broken loose” when the plans were rolled out by the same CCC administration crowd who got everything screwed up in the first place are now screwing up the new plans. First, as previously reported, many employees are in for a 10-25% pay cut. Now it seems that the $920 bonus money is mostly going to the already overpaid people and those on the lower end of the previous pay scale (that they didn’t even know about) are being cheated out of their bonus/ A bonus BoT Chairman Wes Westmoreland said would go to everybody but six of the highest paid.

It seems that there is a big disconnect in what the CCC Board says and what actually goes on at CCC. Board policies are bent around like a pretzel and the BoTs refuse to open their eyes to the truth. They actually refuse to talk with the people who try to tell them what is going on. My articles that relate what is going on slaps them in the face and they still refuse to do what is necessary to correct the problems. Even the smallest ones like recording minutes that fairly and accurately records what actually transpired at their own Board meetings. If they can’t or won’t do that, they can’t be trusted for anything. JMO

Now, when I went to the Post Office in Fallston yesterday evening after staying home during all the bad weather, a letter from a concerned citizen was in my mailbox. I have scanned it and attached it below. This letter tells more about problems with how the salary plan is being mis-applied. It includes many good questions that the CCC BoT ought to get answers for. But seem to be afraid to ask. The letter also states there are salary increases going to those associated with “someone not on the list” for the CCC President job. I believe the letter was written before Shannon Kennedy was added at the last minute to the list.

Folks, a copy of this article and attachment will be sent directly to every BoT member as well as to the Interim President. I do that for every article I write that concerns CCC. That way they can’t deny knowing about the problems going on right under their noses. Or if they do deny knowing about them, they are lying.

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