CC School Board Opposes Buying Textbooks!!! Blames General Assembly (Tim Moore) for Every Problem!! Report by Robert A. Williams

“Textbooks will be archaic in two years”….School Board Member Richard Hooker at the March 12, 2018 School Board meeting.

Folks, after digging into what appears to be “meritless election year political ploy” against Tim Moore in a phony baloney ethics complaint, it appears another meritless election year political ploy against both Tim Moore and Kelley Hastings is being launched by the Cleveland County School Board. A political ploy that blames the General Assembly for all the problems with educating our children in Cleveland County instead of the real problem, the Democrat controlled school board.

This is how it went at the March 12, 2018 CCC Board Meeting.

First, the school calendar for next year was discussed. Oh the problems lamented the democrat school board members led by Roger Harris and Shearra Miller with Bully Glover and Jeff Jones chiming in. If the General Assembly would let us do this, if the General Assembly would let us do that we could conquer the world in education they were implying. And on it went. With Republican Danny Blanton busting their bubble every now and then. (Don’t believe me though, all this is on the CCS website which broadcasts this meeting.)

All this running down the General Assembly stuff got sickening after a while. Mainly because the School Board gets $165 million per year to spend as they see fit. Although they again blame the General Assembly for requiring funds spent in certain ways that benefit education, they twist the interpretation to say the General Assembly doesn’t allow CCS to spend money where it is needed, but somewhere else.

The political ploy became totally obvious when Board member Danny Blanton kept bringing up the need to provide published textbooks and worksheets for the elementary classes instead of wearing out copy machines printing tons of paper and stapling together worksheets themselves. Several time Blanton stated “when you build a house you build the foundation before you build the roof” in reference to CCS’s insistence on providing high priced computers instead of textbooks. When I say high priced computers, I mean you can go to WalMart and buy a similar computer for $400 that CCS pays over $1,000 for. Such waste is a matter to talk about on another day. Not to mention the thought that all this copying of copywrited material is probably illegal to boot. And what kind of example are we setting for our children when CCS is committing such crimes everyday at school. (And Board member Jo Boggs asked the Number 3 Elementary students who lead the Pledge of Allegiance for the meeting, “What is the Character Trait of the month?” The answer being “Honesty” and “Integrity.” This school board crowd sets a poor example for our children, as well as the CCS staff.

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