Budget Cuts at CCS!!! Especially Burns Middle School!! Special Message forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:
The source for this report has requested his or her identity to remain anonymous. I respect this position as I know CCS Employees are afraid for their jobs. Especially the Burns Zone employees who seem to always be the ones that are first to get cuts and the last to get resources. I received this report June 5, 2018.

Good evening,

I wanted you to be aware of something I heard from a coworker that received the message from an administrator in the Burns Zone of CCS.

The principal at Burns Middle School has decided to not hire for the position of Chorus teacher at the school and instead add a math/science teacher to their faculty. He is expecting to put all 130 middle school chorus students in the classroom together, and require the chorus teacher from Burns High to teach the class.

Editor’s Note II:
130 students in class together appears to be a very large violation of the new class size restrictions for CCS. I refer readers back to my article with the pictures of the Baseball Field at Shelby High School compared with the muddy and standing in water Home Plate at the Fallston Elementary School Ball Field. Remember that when you go vote on November 6th. Long time Commissioner Eddie Holbrook is responsible for this. Plus the other commissioners that go along with approving money UNEQUALLY to CCS facilities.

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