Breaking News!!! Two CCS Teachers Fired Over “Inappropriate Disciplinary Response” toward Four Year Old Black Boy!!! Preliminary report by Robert A. Williams

Sources have provided me a cell phone photograph of an official CCS internal document related to an inappropriate disciplinary action against a four year old black boy that was witnessed by several parents of other students. The document contains the name of the school, the boy and his parents as well as the name of one teacher that was involved. And signed by the Principal.

Sources also indicate that two teachers were “Fired” from CCS as a result of this and perhaps other incidents. “Fired” from CCS usually means that a person is forced to resign so CCS and the CCS Board can refuse to investigate. No matter what this personnel action is called, the two teachers are reported to be gone from CCS. Law enforcement personnel report this incident is being investigated as a criminal action but the District Attorney has so far refused to prosecute.

Stay Tuned for the rest of this developing story. Or, Come to the Courthouse Monday and I will tell you all about it. Otherwise it will be later next week.

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