Breaking News In 2020 Commissioner Elections Chairman Susan Allen is OUT-Former Coroner Robbie Morgan is IN!! Announcements Made at Tonight’s Republican Party Meeting!! Report by Robert A. Williams

At tonight’s (November 25, 2019) Republican Party Meeting Cleveland County Commissioner Chairman Susan announced to those present that she would NOT run for re-election in the 2020 Elections. At that very same Republican Party meeting, Former Coroner Robert S. “Robbie” Morgan announced that he would be at the Cleveland County Board of Elections Monday (December 2, 2019) at Noon to file for the 2020 Cleveland County Election for Commissioner.

Commissioner Susan Allen, a supporter and protégé of disgraced and defeated former Commissioner Eddie “Massa Eddie” Holbrook, most likely read her tea leaves and say that she would flame and burn-out in the 2020 Commissioner’s election due to her exposed voting record as well as the complete failure of the sales tax increase referendum that was overwhelmingly defeated by the voters three weeks ago. That same fate is likely to befall Commissioners Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins in the 2020 Elections for commissioner as they and Susan Allen were like three peas in a pod. As clearly shown by their voting record.

These three Commissioners Allen, Whetstine and Hutchins, along with Massa Eddie Holbrook, were responsible for some of the most overwhelmingly failed projects and initiatives in Cleveland County history. The giveaway of the Cleveland County Healthcare system. The failed Economic Development Program. The failed workforce development programs. The American Series World Series which loses over $1,000,000 taxpayer every single year. The failed LeGrand Center. The failed Earl Scruggs Center. Two failed sales tax increase referendums. Many $$Millions in tax-dollars wasted. No transparency, no accountability and lies at every turn. These three commissioners and their MO have killed Cleveland County’s growth and brought about an Exodos of young people in almost Biblical proportions.

Cleveland County Schools are losing an average of 250 students per year. Population records indicate Cleveland County population growth has gone south and we are going backwards. From close to 100,000 population and growing in recent years to losing population under Commissioners Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins (and Massa Eddie Holbrook and Jason Falls). State measures show Cleveland County is a “dying” county and we have Susan Allen, Eddie Holbrook, Ronny Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins and their backwards and often corrupt leadership and acts to “thank” for it. And, Let’s not get into the scandals and lawsuits for right now.

Former Cleveland County Coroner Robbie Morgan is the opposite of Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins. Where they operate from closed meetings, Morgan operates in the open. Where they are wasteful, Morgan is frugal. Where they go on taxpayer boondoggles, Morgan does not. Where they try to deceive the citizens with their tall tales and unanimous votes, Morgan will vote NO when he thinks something is wrong. The differences for the better go on and on.

Folks, it is a long time between now and the 2020 elections and lots more will be said. But two things are clear. We need two more Robbie Morgan type candidates to sign up to run for Commissioner in the 2020 Elections. If you are one of them, please go to the Election Board sometime between December 2 and December 20 and file to run for commissioner. Then all of us need to vote on Election Day and put Robbie Morgan and his two twins in office as commissioners. Let’s all work together to turn Cleveland County around.

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