Breaking News!!!—Guilty Verdict In School Board Theft Trial –Verdict Tainted by CCS Sex Scandal and Possible Retaliation–Jury Not Allowed to Hear Testimony That Would Have Blown Credibility of Key CCS Witnesses!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Shelby Courthouse — The trial of former CCS teacher Mindy Morrow for embezzlement and larceny of School Board property lasted three full days and ended with more controversy that when it started. The trial was confusing, convoluted and even the judge state at one point that the evidence seemed to be constructed to cause a “maximum risk of confusion.”

Mindy Morrow of Kings Mountain was charged with two felony counts of embezzlement and one misdemeanor count of larceny of School Board property. Judge Robert Ervin of Morganton rejected many items allegedly stolen because of poor inventory control practices and poor documentation by the School Board. In the end, the charges applied to only two items. An IPad that was returned and a robotics part with a street value of $25.

The jury deliberation took about six hours with several questions coming back to the Judge regarding the law and the credibility of the main School Board witness. The jury was never allowed to hear testimony that would have destroyed the credibility of key School Board witnesses. A final judgment of the jury was guilty on one misdemeanor count of larceny regarding an IPad that was returned and a felony embezzlement of a $25 robotics part.

The judge consolidated the misdemeanor and felony charges together and sentenced Morrow to 5-15 months suspended to 18 months of supervised probation, a $500 fine and restitution for the $25 part.

No appeal was noted but may be forthcoming.

Also note that only Cleveland County School Board Member Danny Blanton attended this trial. School Board Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover did not attend. Neither did school board members Shearra Miller, Kathy falls, Roger Harris, Rev. Donnie Thurman, Jr., Jo Boggs, Jeff Jones, Richard Hooker nor school board Superintendent Stephan Fisher attend the trial.

Editor’s Note: This article provides bare boned facts without explanatory information. Stay tuned for a much more detailed article that will include specific details of the alleged sex scandal and cover-up by the school board.

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