Breaking News–CCC Board of Trustees Select Interim President!!! –Start Date August 1, 2017, Former President Gone Already!! –Special Called Meeting July 17, 2017 Seals the Deal-Almost! Report by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees Called a Special Meeting for 7:00 PM July 17, 2017 to interview a candidate for Interim President. By the end of this meeting the Board of Trustees Voted to Instruct their Attorney to work out the details to hire Dr. William Aiken as the Interim President effective August 1, 2017. President Steve Thornburg is officially President until July 31, 2017, but sources say Thornburg has already left for good as he has awarded himself FLMA paid leave until his end date.

Dr. Aiken is originally from Greenville, Tennessee, served as President of Sampson County Community College until retirement in 2012, in retirement served as Interim President at four different Community Colleges and now will serve as Interim President at CCC pending the paperwork to do so. According to sources Dr. Aiken has been thoroughly briefed on the problems and scandals at CCC and in his final statement to the Board of Trustees and members of the public was “I will make a difference!”

As the reason for the closed session to interview Dr. Aiken has now been satisfied, by law the minutes of the closed session are now public documents and records. We will obtain those minutes and make a public report. Chairman Wes Westmoreland made statements to me that the CCC Board is now committed to total transparency and minimizing confusion. The CCC Board of Trustees have a long way to go to accomplish that, but we will assist them with our suggestion wherever we can, whenever we can and as often as necessary.

Stay tuned for an article that will describe other discussions that transpired during the July 17, 2017 Special Called Meeting.

And remember folks, this is the start of fixing CCC, not the end. What a shame Dr. Aiken wasn’t brought on board back in January, 2017.

More information regarding the Selected Interim President at CCC is attached below:

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