Blanton Calls for Prayer at School Board Meetings!!! And More regarding the August 27, 2018 school board meeting! Report by Robert A. Williams

There was more happening at the August 27, 2018 School Board Meeting besides Board Member Roger “Low-Down” Harris disgracing himself over “poking fun” about the kidnapping and Murder of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa. Mr. Low-Down was at it again later in the meeting. All the while Roger Harris is having fun mocking murdered women, a young woman with Fallston connections has been missing since June 10, 2018. More on that in another article.

But right after the Moment of Silence and NO Prayer to lead off the school board meeting, Board Member Danny Blanton hit the nail on the head.

Danny Blanton made the comment that he had worked hard to get Prayer back in School Board Meetings and yet No Christian Minister had offered to lead the school board in Prayer for a very long time. And the school board needed prayer. Blanton looked directly into the broadcast camera and challenged every Preacher in Cleveland County to come out and Pray for the School Board.

Doing a little math, there are over 200 Christian Churches in Cleveland County and only about 17 school board meetings per year. If every Minister participated, it would be around 11 years and 7 months before there would be a need to repeat. Is 90 seconds every 11 years 7months too much to ask of the Christian Ministers in Cleveland County? Note that the Witchcraft, Islamic, and Pagan Ministers are few, but they get their prayers in every year. It certainly appears that evil has triumphed over good in Cleveland County. Perhaps a better way to put it is the “good” in Cleveland County has surrendered to “evil” without even a fight. Low-Down and unrepentant Roger Harris and his buddies are proof enough of that.

Later in this school board meeting there was an item regarding CCS providing funding for the scandal ridden Communities-In-Schools organization for over $167,000. A contract had already been drawn up for school board approval without any school board input into the contract. The Chairman of the scandalous CIS, a group that takes CCS money and provides no justification for it’s being is none other than school board member Roger “Low-Down” Harris. The same low down Roger Harris that just a few months ago refused to answer to Danny Blanton’s questions about the latest scandal that recently caused the resignation of CIS Director Sharon Robb, kin to School Board Member Coleman Hunt, and before that the resignation of School Board member Donnie Thurman, Jr. from CIS under suspicious circumstances. All Low-Down Roger Harris would say is “It’s being taken care of.” When obviously it was not.

Now, and with total and solid reasoning, Danny Blanton was asking why were there no requirements for CIS to report to the School Board about what CCS was getting for their $167,000. CCS Board Chairman Shearra Miller said that CIS had already signed their part of the contract. Danny Blanton said that, although he was criticized for not supporting CIS, he would vote against approving the contract unless the contract was modified to include at least four reports from CIS to the CCS Board per year.

Incredibly School Board Member and CIS Chairman, Mr. Low-Down Roger Harris-who hasn’t learned his “disgrace” lesson, again shows how low down and devious that he really is. Low-Down says, “if you want reports, we’ll give you reports.” Blanton responds, “I want reports with the good as well as the bad.” Of course Low-Down Roger Harris intends to provide the same type of reports CCS always provides, lying reports that say how good they are doing and always “we could do better with more money.”

It is noted that much of what CIS does now was takeoffs from the failed “Youth Assistance Program.” State Rep/Senator Debbie Clary was on that board when she got word that there was fraud in the YAP program. Senator Clary immediately got the State Auditor involved and shortly thereafter criminal charges were brought and actually prosecuted. YAP was disbanded and CIS took over.

It is certainly too bad for taxpayers that CIS and CCS too are run by the likes of Low-Down Roger Harris, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Jo Boggs and Jeff Jones-all up for re-election in 2019. As for Senator Debbie Clary, she and others founded the Charter School Pinnacle Classical Academy and are running circles around CCS schools. It is a thing called leadership and oversight. Pinnacle has it and CCS does not.

Except for the CCS Lone Ranger, Danny Blanton. Who gets voted down and shouted down at every turn.

But Blanton made two mistakes here:
First, he did not specify what he wanted in the reports. Blanton should have asked for reports that state what the CIS goals are and what measures they have in place to determine if their programs are working or not. You can bet the farm that Low-Down Roger Harris would never agree to that.

Second, Blanton should have followed through on this threat to vote against approving the $167,000 for CIS without proof CIS is actually doing anything good. And spending all the money they are given is NOT an accurate measure CIS is doing what they are supposed to do. A good look at CCS shows a good example of that. Especially when you compare the CCS board and the Pinnacle Classical Academy Board that includes Debbie Clary and Betsy Harnage. To name just a few. But, Blanton realizes the fake news media in Cleveland County would write him up as a racist for opposing funding CIS for any good reason. And leave out all the scandals going on at CIS that Harris and his ilk on the CCS Board are covering up.

One other telling example to CCS, CIS and Low-Down Harris’ cover-ups was when CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher told about travelling to all 29 CCS schools that day-the first day of school. “Not an unhappy face could be found.” Like smiling faces are a measure of success. Hasn’t Fisher heard the old saying “ignorance is bliss?” I am sure those 46% of seniors who graduate below grade level have happy faces too, along with everybody else, on their last day of school at CCS.

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