Belwood Raises a Tax!!! County approves the collection!! Report by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Commissioners approved by a unanimous vote a tax collection agreement with the Town of Belwood at their June 5, 2018 Commissioner’s meeting. The County will get 2% of the tax revenue for the collection of Belwood’s brand new property tax on its residents.

When I heard this at the Commissioner’s meeting I had to wonder if very many people in Belwood even knew their town council and Mayor had raised a tax on them. Most probably won’t know until they get their tax bill in a few months. Then they will complain, after it is all said and done.

So Belwood, you have two new taxes to deal with. The fire tax of 8.75 cents (up 75%) and a new town property tax. Probably 5 cents. They didn’t say at the Commissioner’s meeting.

At times like this I like to remind people. Get out to vote on Election Day. Take someone with you. And, good people, run for office. Attend Commissioner and Town Council meetings. School Board Meetings too. Otherwise this new tax will only go up. And Burns High School will never get an auditorium and a swimming pool like Shelby and Kings Mountain High Schools.

But, alas, people have something else to do and somewhere else to be. Most are just like or a part of the 56,000 Cleveland County voters that stayed home on this past Primary Election Day. Higher taxes and poor services are always the result when such as this happens.

All I can say is I told you so.

And, stay tuned. Lots more exciting stuff happened at the Commissioner’s meeting that will be reported in separate articles.

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