Beauford Burton Speaks Out!!!    “If you have to be angry at someone for your race, be angry at God and see where that gets you.”  –Facebook Post forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: About three hours ago, Beauford Burton’s Post reached me on Facebook. Many people, likely the majority, in Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA feel this same way!!


Anybody and everybody else are welcome to join in on the discussion! Be ready to be debated. Please, no thoughtless talking points that cannot be defended.

 Beauford writes:

I am old and I am angry.


Nothing in my 76 years prepared me to accept the frequent calls of racism. Nothing in history prepared me to understand how we came so far and then the bottom of our world fell out. Nothing prepared me to understand how being one race or another causes us to be less or more than another race.


If you had a choice of race before you were born you must be extra special. My God made me white! My God, assuming we share the same one, the Father of Jesus may have made you another race. If you have to be angry at someone for your race be; angry at God and see where that gets you.


In my 76 years I’ve seen lots of improvement in race relations. When I grew up in this small town there was segregation. I seldom saw people of any color other than white unless they were working people and I certainly was raised to respect them. Some delivered ice, some delivered coal and some sold and delivered fresh vegetables. Since that time there has been many educated and had careers much more elevated than mine. I call older folks ma’am and sir and never think about color.


Personally, I think Morgan Freeman, the actor, said it best. You stop referring to me as Black or African American and I’ll stop calling you White or other names and we’ll just call each other Americans.


As for the rioters and anarchists, law must be the victor. Those who destroy other’s property and our statues and symbols of history must face stiff sentences. Police must be given the tools to combat those criminals, including tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and even the real ones when necessary.


As for me I am not afraid. My grandchildren and yours deserve better. We don’t need leadership that shrinks away. We don’t need tender footed leadership. We don’t need leaders that cry when a whiner whines.


One of the biggest mistakes this country has ever made is voting for and campaigning for so called rights of individuals and of causes that have no legal rights.


Stand with conservatives in re-electing President Trump. Stand with them in electing enough house members to take over house leadership. Stand with Dan Forest to root out North Carolina’s Governor Cooper. If you’re seeing this from other states stand with conservatives there too, including Virginia, New York, California etc.


If we don’t succeed pity the USA and your children and grandchildren.


May God forgive our sins and once again bless our country!


5 comments for “Beauford Burton Speaks Out!!!    “If you have to be angry at someone for your race, be angry at God and see where that gets you.”  –Facebook Post forwarded by Robert A. Williams

  1. Robert A Williams
    June 29, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Marge Hooper sent me this message:

    BEAUTIFULLY PUT!!! thanks for sharing his letter.

    Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

  2. Robert A Williams
    June 29, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    It’s MY fault but L.E. Henson’s Message original somehow got clipped a bit in the previous comment section. . The entire message reads:

    1966 was a magical year. CA UNION DEMON RAT “teachers” can be in most classrooms K-12, told us: “do Not say GOD anymore, it’s Not allowed”! Today 87% of “teachers” are DEMON RATS turning out SELF SEGRAGATING BIGOTS!
    THINK, the answer to: “what’s your Nationality?” Should be: “I’m a GOD believing American”. Putting a color or another heritage first, is what YOU should be judged by.

    • Robert A Williams
      June 30, 2020 at 5:28 pm

      Bill Gray,

      Thanks for reminding me of this incident. Everybody should go back and read this article to see just how bad our county commissioners really are. I would have never believed this if I had not been there to see it with my own two eyes.

      All the commissioners should give an apology to Beauford Burton and the citizens of Cleveland County for allowing this to happen. And Jason Falls should never been rewarded with his overpaid cushy county job at the LeGrand Center. Still sucking off the county taxpayers hard earned dollars.

      Robert A. Williams

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