Autistic Boy Beat-Up at Shelby High School!! Caught on Cell Phone Camera–Posted of Facebook!!! 8.5 million views–CCS, Shelby Police Department & DA Do Nothing!! Another Game??? Watch for yourself. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND!! And, Unfortunately, the Race Card!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Cherie White is an anti-bullying advocate who somehow got ahold of a cellphone video of a very recent fight at Shelby High School. And posted it on Facebook AND YouTube
where it reportedly has had 8.5 million views.

The one-way fight video shows an autistic boy, Ethan Thompson, sitting on the floor of what appears to by the gymnasium at Shelby High School with a girl, identified as Keyasia Anderson, glowering and taunting, standing over him. The boy appears to slap the girl relatively lightly on her right leg and the girl immediately commenced to punch the boy repeatedly in the face, drag him by the hair around the gym, around other people, while continuing to pummel the boy with many undefended punches to the face. The video ends up with the girl kicking the autistic boy in the face while he is still on the floor.

From the video you cannot tell what was said, but you sure could tell that no one came to the aid of the autistic boy. No other students and no teachers came to the boy’s aid to stop the beating. From the video, which started just before the beating started, you have to concluded that the incident was a planned attack on the autistic boy. And whoever took the video knew about it and had their cellphone ready to record whatever was to happen.

All this on top of a recent report of an autistic boy beaten up at Shelby Middle School with three coaches laughing and watching. And CCS said it was just a “game.” And Shelby Middle School Principal Dr. Justin Bridges destroyed the security video that captured that incident. Scroll on back for that article.

It is apparent that there is a pattern of autistic and otherwise handicapped children being bullied, picked on and even severely beaten at Shelby Schools. Now we have a video that shows clearly what goes on at Shelby Schools-and maybe all CCS Schools. Look at this video and decide whether or not you agree that CCS should just sweep this under the rug too. Whether or not you want your children to attend such schools.

Also, there are come Facebook comments from the girl’s mother, Marie Mintz, that approves of her daughter’s barbaric beating of the autistic boy. Mintz says her daughter was just defending herself.

Now, sources have provided additional information:

• The boy’s parents reportedly were down at Shelby High School the very next day, with an Attorney accompanying them. The gym coach was reportedly questioned.
• The girl, Keyasia Anderson, is set to Graduate this year. She reportedly had signed up for the US Army and, CCS allegedly did not press charges so she could join the Army. But since has dropped out of the Army recruitment program.
• The girl’s mother, Marie Mintz, says on Facebook that her daughter was justified in beating up the boy. Mintz also says that if the boy was so handicapped, he should NOT have been in that class to start with. Mintz is very probably right about the autistic handicapped boy should not have been in such a class and CCS has been doing a lot of that, but that does not excuse the actions of her daughter.
• THE RACE CARD. When I started this article, I was determined not to mention that the autistic disabled boy is white and the attacking girl is black. As well as all the other students in the gym class video are black. From the Facebook video it was hard to tell whether or not the autistic boy victim was white or black, but the YouTube video is clearer. And, just as the black community is trying to advance their acceptance and standing in the overall Cleveland County Community, something like this comes along that will feed and fuel the fires of racial discrimination in the white community to a red-hot heat. And the bumbling nitwits running Cleveland County Schools and Cleveland County are still trying to cover-up anything and everything, especially corruption, that they think looks bad on Cleveland County. Not understanding that cover-up and corruption at any level, only make matters worse.
• It is reported that high level CCS administration claimed they didn’t know anything about this beating and bullying of an autistic boy at Shelby High School. One must conclude that either the Shelby High School Principal should be fired for not telling CCS Administration or the high-level CCS Administration should be fired for incompetence. Or fired for lying.

Editor’s Note:
We recommend that School Board member Danny Blanton ask that this incident be placed on the agenda for the very next school board meeting in open session. And members of the black community as well as members of the black community attend this school Board meeting to see for themselves what kind of actions the Cleveland County School takes in this matter. Perhaps many should sign up for the Public Participation portion of the meeting and tell the school board what they think. And demand answers!!!

Watch the video and YOU, make up your own mind.

Also, make up your own mind who to vote against in the 2020 school board elections. I recommend voting against Shearra Miller, Jo Boggs, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris and Jeff Jones. Put a stop to such a mess as this.

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  1. Title IX 2017
    June 27, 2019 at 11:59 am

    If this would have been a white child beating an autistic black child, there would have been a whole different outcome!

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