Another Lawsuit Filed Against Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! Wrongful Termination and Breach of Contract!!! Dumbing Down Courses for High School Students so CCS can send more students into Program so CCS and CCC make more $$$ off the Taxpayers!!! At the expense of our Children’s Future!!! 1,900+ former CCS Students 19-22 years old-Set for Failure-Right Now!!! Report and copy of Lawsuit provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I have written articles about the scandals at Cleveland County Schools as well as Cleveland Community College. But, up until now, all I have had to go on is percentages of students who have been failed by CCS. And failures at CCS limit what CCC can do.

All that changed at the May 14, 2019 School Board meeting when Danny Blanton, appointed by the Commissioners to the Region C Workforce Development Taskforce, released information that 1,900+ residents of Cleveland County between the ages of 19 and 22 years old were NOT employed, enrolled in the Military or enrolled in college. This CCS Triple E (Employed-Enlisted or Enrolled) is the CCS often stated goal for their graduating students.

When you consider CCS graduates about 1,000 students every year, that is 3,000 for the past three years, these 1,900 former CCS students represent a 63.3 CCS failure rate in meeting the CCS Triple E goal. Remember that when you read this article!!! Some of those students graduating this year may be YOUR children. YOUR kids who can’t find a job, can’t join the Army to learn a trade, or qualify for college.

If you scroll way back, you will see that the major scandals at Cleveland Community College were the “fuckshannon69” CCC college computer password that former President Steve Thornburg had that eventually led to his disgrace and demise from CCC. And the Career and College Program (CCP) where CCC would send teachers to CCS High Schools to teach supposed college level courses for college credit for high school students. Allegedly those CCP classes were eventually “dumbing-down” so more and more high school students could be funneled into the CCP program-for the explicit purpose of generating more revenue from the State for both CCS and CCC. Some allege as much as 30% of CCC funding comes from the CCP Program funding fraud.

Now, throw in the workforce development revelations-students were graduating from CCS without workforce development (vocational) skills sufficient enough to find jobs. So, the “send them to the CCC” fandango idea allegedly comes to the rescue. And then, all of a sudden Danny Blanton discovers the CCC and CCS “calendars” don’t match by thirty days a year. And what do we have. A range of CCS and CCC courses that are stuck-on-stupid because many students don’t have the grades to qualify for the CCP classes to begin with, but are thrown into supposed college level courses anyway. Thrown in on top of the fact that the so-called college level courses that were dumbed-down also are compressed into six weeks for the unqualified high school kids while qualified college students at CCC or other colleges get 13 weeks. Workforce development-vocational-courses are schedule bound and the CCS Board then sabotages the proposed change in state law that would have synchronized the CCS and CCC schedules. Is that a mess or what???

Then, the Commissioners do nothing while CCS and CCC can’t get their acts together. Everybody is all talk and no EFFECTIVE coordinated action has ever been taken.

And now, here comes another lawsuit against Cleveland Community College because of the fraudulent CCP program. And related cover-up.

Virginia “Ginger” Bullock has filed against the CCC Board of Trustees alleging she was wrongfully terminated and her employment contract was breached because she complained about the improper goings-on with all this dual enrollment CCP mess, all the way back in 2012. And nobody, especially the CCC Board of Trustees, CCS and the Commissioners did anything to correct the problems. The only thing that happened was Ginger got wrongfully terminated for blowing the whistle on CCC’s part in the destruction of the future of countless students who were run through dumbed down CCP and perhaps other dual enrollment courses. (Note that the 1,900 students noted previously are just for the past three years only.)

And now, Ginger has filed her lawsuit against the CCC BoTs. And the CCC BoTs, through their lawyer says Ginger didn’t allege anything where CCC violated state policy. When I saw that I had to wonder, does that mean, according to the CCC BoTs, that it is STATE POLICY to dumb down courses and under educate our children just to defraud taxpayers with this phony CCP and all the other dual enrollment stuff??? In my opinion, all us taxpayers should be giving Ginger Bullock a medal for being HERO enough to spill the beans on CCC. It is obvious that many others have not been so brave.

Anyway, I have said enough. Like I sometimes say, “don’t you believe a word that I said. Just read for yourself” about how the CCC BoT’ screwed over Ginger Bullock and a countless number of YOUR children over the past seven years.

Here is a copy of Ginger Bullock’s lawsuit and the BoT’s phony answer. Be sure to read the BoT’s Motion to Dismiss Ginger’s lawsuit because she didn’t state anything that was against STATE Policy. Ask YOUR Commissioners, Tim Moore, Kelly Hastings and Ted Alexander if defrauding an education from our children, defrauding taxpayers and lying to the Citizens of Cleveland County is State Policy. No matter how this lawsuit turns out. Ask them now because this lawsuit may take two years before it goes to court, which would add another 1,200 to the list of YOUR children who will have received a failed education at CCS at the hands of the CCC BoTs.

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H.L. Mencken once suggested a shrewd educational reform that has somehow not caught on. He said that there was nothing wrong with our current education establishment that could not be fixed by burning all the schools, and hanging all the teachers. Now some might want to dismiss this as an extreme measure, but visionaries are often dismissed in their own day. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . .”

Robert A. Williams

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