Another Concerned Parent Sends a Comment!! Suzan McKinney Parris Speaks Out!! CCS Lawsuit Against Sheriff Alan Norman!! Ms. Parris Comment forwarded by Robert A. Williams


I do plan on speaking tomorrow night and I pray that you once again, support and defend me in fighting for my son! The lawsuit against Sheriff Alan Norman, who has done so much for this community and school system, should concern every Cleveland County resident!! It’s time everyone knows the truth!

Suzan McKinney Parris

Editor’s Note: Ms. Parris’s autistic son is a student at North Shelby School. The boy was severely injured when savagely attacked by a CCS teacher. CCS Administration and Board originally refused to explain to Ms. Parris what happened that caused her son to be taken to the Emergency Room for a seven-inch gash in the back of his head. Of course, I will continue to assist and support Ms. Parris in her quest for truth and justice in this matter. Especially since the School Board, minus Danny Blanton, have sand-bagged Ms. Parris and called her names. I predict legal actions against the School Board and Administration. YOU heard that HERE first.

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  1. January 14, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    Mr. ” OutBurst ” Hooker, didn’t recognize City Councilman David Causby at the School Board Meeting. I think we should forgive him, do it under the blanket of Sue-perintendent forgiveness. I can’t imagine what Outburst Hooker would have done if he wasn’t recognized, probably sue and bail himself out. Our Sue-perintendent has probably set a precedent that Whoever in Local , Governmental positions who makes a mistake whether intentionally or not should be forgiven. Not reprimanded, not fined, not a trip to the office not anything, just poof he is forgiven. NOT. This whole fiasco stinks.

    We have had two Mother’s who recently attended the fool board meetings. One of them stated that a student told her daughter to “Get out of the way Nigger.” The other Mother stated that ” her son was pushed by a teacher and received a large gash in his head.” The second Lady repeatedly tried to address the fool board about this, and no or very little attention was given to her complaint. She visited the fool board again and reminded them of how she had come and tried to discuss this, by this time She had been pushed to anger by this fool board and told them ” You have messed with the wrong bitch.” What would you have done if you were one of these Parents. Visit them and tell them that your child will walk a different path or visit them and ask for bandaids ?

    Because of this ” OUTBURST ” which offended this fool boards , sensitive ears. The publics voice was been placed at the end of the fool board agenda. Listen Neighbors, this is not the way our children should be treated or even exposed to. This fool board has allowed unforgivable things happen to the children. If we closed the whole damn system down in Cleveland County and started over it would be the start of the bottom up climb out of stupidity . We must replace this fool board in November. In praise or condemnation, our voices must be heard.

    Although this article is pertaining to Johnston County, it reads a lot like Cleveland County Schools.

    ‘Interference’ v. ‘Oversight’: The superintendent-school board dynamic

    Brant Clifton

    “There are quite a few public schools bureaucrats who believe that — if you do not hold one of the sacred PhDs from a school of education at an institution of higher learning — you have no right to question what they are doing.  THEY know “best.”
    The problem?  None of those folks have to face the voters.  None of them were installed by the voters.  Instead, we have way too many elected school boards across this state that act subservient to the superintendent and his/ her staff.  The proper roles here are overseers and overseen.  Superintendents need to brief their overseers on the board to seek approval before acting on any new schemes.  After all,  these people were elected by the people to keep an eye on things in the school system. ”

    Read Article Here..

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