Announcement by School Board member Danny Blanton!! All CCS Employees Requested to Attend October 28 School Board Meeting!!! Important Discussion on new pay Supplement and paycheck issues!! Report Provided by Robert A. Williams

School Board Member Danny Blanton has requested all media outlets in Cleveland County and Facebook to make the following announcement:

All CCS employees are requested to attend the Monday, October 28, 2019 School Board meeting to be held at CCS Central Services at 400 West Marion Street, Shelby at 6:00 PM. Mr. Blanton states that there will be items regarding employee supplemental pay as well as paycheck issues and changes to employee benefits (insurance) will be on the agenda.

Mr. Blanton is hopeful that these discussions will answer all employee questions about these items. Or give everyone directions on who to contact or call about any unanswered questions that may remain.

We salute Mr. Danny Blanton’s efforts to look after all CCS Employees and students and suggest that ALL CCS employees turn out to support Mr. Blanton’s efforts on their behalf.

Editor’s Note: For our part, we would add that these are important issues for employees that appear to be previously mishandled. Hopefully the School Board as a whole would allow ANY CCS EMPLOYEE WITH A QUESTION to address the school board with their questions.

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