A View on President Trump’s Brand of “Civil Disobedience” Build the Wall or Let Children Die? Editorial Forwarded by Robert Al Williams

Editor’s Note: There are many ways a person can exercise reason, critical thinking skills and common sense to figure out what to do in a given situation. Rev. Dante Murphy in his message below has exercised reason, critical thinking skills and common sense to come to the conclusion to build a wall along our country’s Southern border. I have come to the same conclusion from an entirely different perspective. But still exercising reason, critical thinking skills and common sense. So, it appears that by using reason, critical thinking skills and common sense; all our nation’s state’s and Cleveland County problems can be figured out and dealt with. And Hopefully, soon.

Read Rev. Murphy’s example noted below and join in with your comments on this and other timely issues that will be raised very soon.

From: Dante Murphy

To: Williams, Robert A.

Date: Dec 31, 2018–9:27 AM

Subject: Trump’s Brand of Civil Disobedience

This will be going to our local papers and I wanted you to have a copy.

Trump’s Brand of Civil Disobedience

Echoed consistently among Americans was the immoral and inhumane act of thousands of children being separated from their parents due to President Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy on illegal immigrants crossing America borders. Since that time the government has shut down and worst of all are children dying in the name of border protections. Despite the desperate cries to end these atrocities the Trump administration remains steadfast to build “the wall” to protect U.S. borders. Regardless of which side you are on it is evident that President Trump is upsetting the traditional model of presidential decorum and ripping apart partisan politics-POTUS is apparently on nobody’s side. Democrats have the inability to control him and Republicans are afraid of him. Americans are seeing for the first time in modern history a shakeup in American politics. President Trump is branding his own form of civil disobedience and like any other activist runs the risk of having to fight against “both sides” and everybody. The heart of a true activist must withstand the loneliness ensued when decisions are made that very few leaders have the courage or guts to make. Names such as Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Saddam Hussein, Adolph Hitler, and many others are etched in history because of their willingness to break and develop their own set of rules. The common thread for all of them is that they were either loved and revered or hated and detested. The case may also be made that they all possessed high self differentiated attitudes with little chances of turning back or altering the course of their radical behaviors. An activist’s mind once made up has nothing to lose and much to gain once their quest is achieved and alters history. This is the mindset of an activist and so is the case with President Trump. He made several promises early on in his political campaign and “by any means necessary” will endeavor to keep those promises.

The dilemma before American is figuring out a correct response to an activist mindset. For those who are in agreement with the activist the obvious response is to give the activist what that person demands. For those in adamant opposition to the activist the not so obvious response is “kill” them. The “kill” takes on various forms. The less extreme measures include character assassination, removal from office or some other status of significance, or a buyout in which the activist receives some gain perceived to be of higher value than the cause. In some instances there is the option of allowing time and fatigue to run its course as the fight gradually fades away. More extreme measures, as with Dr. King and many others, is to physically kill the activist or at least threatened such action to the point that the activist retreats and ceases to fight for the cause. Of all measures to silence an activist mindset none measures up to meeting their demands-a decision that requires careful cost calculations. Legislators must consider and even gamble as to where ultimate blame will be assigned by American voters in response to the past demoralized and inhumane child deaths, separation of parents from their children, and government shutdowns. It is as easy committing funds to build the wall as it is withdrawing the ‘zero tolerance’ policy for those illegally crossing the border. Those opposing President Trump’s activist mindset can neither count on the Russia investigation or the threat of indictment to stop what has already been deemed an all or nothing endeavor. At best the probe will end with impeachment far after substantial damage has been done to young children and families and to this country. Greater at stake is Trump’s ability to cause catastrophic harm to the United States and further chaos among world powers.

The views expressed in this editorial are NOT approved by the local Pender County NAACP Branch nor does the views reflect or represent those of the NAACP parent body. I am personally not in agreement with President Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy that has literally destroyed or altered thousands of lives. I am equally against partisan politics that refuse to give in or show any level of cooperation with its opposition in order to gain and maintain political leverage. I personally desire no less or more for President Trump as I desired for former President Obama-RESPECT. Shame, blame, and attacks will only feed Trump’s activist mindset and possibly cause irreparable harm. Therefore, America must decide if the valued lives of thousands of innocent children and families exceed the twenty-five billion dollars price tag. Build the wall?

Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy
Southern Coalition for Equal Protections Under the Law (SCEPUL)

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