A Quadruple Scandal about the Latest CCS Scandal!!! About the Crest High School Math Teacher Who just Got Arrested!!!! Reports put together by Robert A. Williams

As I often say, “I smelt a rat” or “Something very fishy is going on here” when I first hear some of the stuff coming out about Cleveland County Schools and their cover-ups. This time it appears the truth has finally come out about a quadruple scandal and cover-up that includes not only CCS, but the Sheriff’s Office, the DA’s Office and the Star too. And it just didn’t happen last week but has been simmering since this past spring.

According to sources, this is what actually happened. And why. Note that I am leaving names out because they are secondary. The quadruple layer of cover-up is what is important.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Early last Winter and Spring. which would be the 2017-2018 School year, something amiss was discovered at Crest High School and was reported to the CCS administration. A female Math Teacher was thought to be engaging in a lesbian relationship with a student. CCS Administration called in the teacher and the student and allegedly both denied anything was happening. CCS did nothing. Law Enforcement agencies were not called. CCS also did not notify the students parents that they had talked to their daughter.

Other things were also happening about this time.

The major scandals at Cleveland Community College were raging regarding the recently run-off President’s “fuckshannon69” password and the gridlocked Board of Trustees. One Trustee being Sheriff Alan Norman who was spending a ton of time with CCC scandals. All the while, a high level Sheriff’s Officer, Joel Shores, who was also Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican Party was allegedly advising potential Republican Sheriff candidates to NOT run for Sheriff in 2018 because the Sheriff’s race would bring out lots of Democrat voters and that would hurt Republican candidates overall. All the while Clyde Ledbetter was mounting a “populist” unaffiliated Petition drive, bypassing the local partisan political shenanigans altogether, to run for Sheriff. My personal advice to Sheriff Norman at that time was to get out of the gridlock on the CCC Board by resigning and get back to running the Sheriff’s Office full time. Advice
sheriff Norman did not take until much later.

At CCS everybody carries on fat, dumb and happy through the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year and into the 2018-2019 school year.

Then the Crest High School student’s mother becomes suspicious about strange happenings and checks out her daughter’s cell phone. The students parents now know what those strange happenings were about and are still going on. The student’s parents go to CCS administration with their findings. CCS administration tells the student’s parents that CCS had checked it out last spring and nothing was happening. Basically calling the parents liars.

But, the student’s parent’s don’t fall for it. They loudly go to the Sheriff’s Office with their information around the end of September, 2018. Around three weeks ago.

Now Sheriff Alan Norman has a real problem. The father of the teacher works for him. Perhaps the bigger problem is that it is Election time now and his opponent, independent candidate Clyde Ledbetter has just turned up the heat on the Sheriff’s Office with a full page advertisement in the Shelby Star. An advertisement I just reported on in a previous article, unknowing until this very afternoon about this particular connection

My source said the Sheriff tried to push this off too by trying to run it through the Grand Jury which was scheduled to start near the end of October, in an effort to keep this situation hushed up until after the election. But news reports by the Star and my news reports telling more and more and questioning more and more caused the Sheriff to go ahead with the investigation, charges and arrest. Also, since the DA controls the Grand Jury cases and schedule And the DA has an employee that is the Teacher’s Mother And the DA’s office has lesbian employees, the DA has real problems too. What a mess?

And, then there is the Shelby Star. Allegedly about bankrupt, subscribers are way down and with me nipping at their heels looking for the truth; they revert to their old ways. Giving good coverage to the schools and county government agencies by printing up their press releases as actual news articles in payment for their large advertisements in the Star.

So, what you have is a scandal and cover-up at CCS, that leads to a scandal and a cover-up at the Sheriff’s Office, that leads to a scandal and cover-up at the DA’s Office that are all topped of by the scandal and cover-up at the Shelby Star.

And the School Board still don’t know nothing!!!

Stay tuned. There will probably be more news before this mess is all over. But, finding the truth and cleaning up messes are what Elections are for. Get yourself informed and be sure to vote on Election Day. Nov 6, 2018.

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