A Happy Message From Cleveland Community College folks to Robert A. Williams!! Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Events at Cleveland Community College involving the search for a new President has moved very quickly this past week. From the results so far I have to believe my articles, especially my article urging the CCC Board of Trustees to do the right thing, made a difference. But, probably the biggest difference was the public interview of Dr. Shannon Kennedy on Monday, January 29, 2018. And probably the biggest difference in that interview came when Dr. Kennedy attempted to answer my question regarding the CCC Strategic Plan. A plan that Dr. Kennedy had herself referred to several times before as the path forward for CCC. My question asked Dr. Kennedy to describe this Strategic Plan and if it was so good, why wasn’t it already implemented. And some follow-up questions.

My question gave Dr. Kennedy an opportunity to shine. Remember, she is the CCC Executive VP and should have had full knowledge of this Strategic Plan that she was advocating. If Dr. Kennedy had come across well with this question, she might have been the shoe-in Candidate for President of CCC.

As it turned out, there was no such Strategic Plan. It was all made up and Dr. Kennedy had gotten herself caught in a lie in front of the Trustees and an auditorium full of people with the cameras rolling. Go watch it, it is on the CCC website.

Anyway, I am preparing articles regarding the final days of the CCC Presidential Search and where we go from here. Folks, send me some suggestions on that. I am sure that the CCC BoT, by now, are willing to listen to good ideas.

Also, I received the following message today and have provided it for your information. AS noted in the message there is still plenty of work to do in turning CCC toward the right direction.

CCC Message:


To: Robert A. Williams

Wednesday was a day of celebration and a lifting of a dark cloud over CCC! I was lucky enough to have gotten the info at 10:00 that there was an open meeting at 11:00 yesterday. I went over there to a greeting of doom and gloom by my colleagues. The few that were there were shocked and ELATED Shan was not on the list!! 98% of people were very happy!!! (The others are probably sending out resumes now that their umbilical cord is cut.). We could not believe what we heard!! No Shannon!!! I have never seen so many employees so happy as news spread immediately!! Beautiful sight! Langley and Wes looked defeated.

VERY reliable sources reported Shannon was having a lunch meeting with a key administrator of GWU on Tuesday at The Italian Garden in Boiling Springs (the day after her disastrous Q & A session at CCC). Trolling for a new job, I suppose.

I know for a fact people are still celebrating on campus today. I think this will continue for a while. Will she be the recipient of a brown box in her self-created June purge intended for everybody she disliked or will she tuck her tail and run sooner? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Most CCC employees are GRATEFUL for all you have done. I heard them singing your praises yesterday. Really!! It was nice to hear. I agreed with them, of course!
There is still work to be done, but you have been the beacon of truth and light for all of us. Thank you, Robert! I am proud to call you my friend.

Name Withheld by Robert A. Williams

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