A Citizen’s Demand That Commissioners and DSS Do the right thing!!! Forwarded to Cleveland County by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following Message has been forwarded to all Cleveland County Commissioners. All DSS Board Members, the DSS Director and State Representatives Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings.

June 7, 2018

To all Involved Commissioners,

My name is Angela George, mother of an autistic young man named James George who was taken from our home by force last fall, violating our human and civil rights as both as a family and mainly impacting my son James by placing him in a facility for eight months without cause. We were targeted by Cleveland County DSS simply because my son is autistic.

In 2016 my family was impacted by Hurricane Matthew and evacuated to Shelby NC to regroup and put the pieces of our lives back together. After placing all our belongings in storage we requested help from CCSS for housing and crisis relief. CCDSS refused to assist us with our crisis after multiple requests.

I, being the leader of my family with my two sons in tow, set out to save my family from falling apart, without the help of local social services. With the help of a few local citizens, we found our own housing and began to restore our lives back to a normal balance until the harassment began with CCDSS and local law enforcement that quickly escalated into a modern day witch hunt of my son and our family simply for being a black family caring for an autistic adult.

After tedious hours of working to restore my family: I had gained employment and a permanent address, food, furniture and basic necessities WITHOUT the help of CCDSS.

After months of being harassed and bullied by CCDSS regarding my son James, our lives were dismantled and destroyed once again by CCDSS causing me to lose my positions with BOTH employers and suspended my son’s disability check leaving us with nothing and no means to survive. After eight painful months of my family being torn apart, having our constitutional and civil rights violated and disregarded, we are back to the starting point of where we were when our troubles first began: THE THREAT OF HOMELESSNESS.

As a determined mother, my boys and I were able to begin to rebuild the foundation of our family with LITERALLY NO help from the government we are supposed to have as a shield in times of crisis. CDSS has abused their authority and created ANOTHER hardship for my family by illegally removing my son James and re-traumatizing my family for the second time over.

This entire ordeal was frankly unnecessary and after finally having my son’s rights PARTIALLY restored and returned to us, my family is back in the same crisis facing homeless and we stand to lose everything we own due to the negligence and abuse of authority by CCDSS.

We have been stranded in ONSLOW COUNTY after moving to gain access to better services and support, due to CCDSS stealing 8 months of our lives we are left with no means to survive or support ourselves as we are facing mounting legal and living expenses that came about due to the UNNECESSARY abuse of authority and BLATANT disregard of our human and civil rights.

We, the George Family: James, Benjamen and Angie, we are HUMAN BEINGS who deserve justice for being violated and discarded in a time of a natural disaster seeking relief and reasonable assistance to restore our lives. CCDSS is the culprit for using my son James disability and our legitimate need for support against us to fund sub-par group homes scattered about Cleveland County.

Presently my family has no recourse provided to us for the mental and financial trauma this has caused my family as a whole and with ‘no finances’ available as the default excuse, we are destitute and suffering all due to the ignorance and racist mindset of CCDSS and its local government.

Research shows this has been an ongoing trend with families of disabled children, adults and elderly having to suffer unbearable loss and devastation by a government agency designed to ASSIST AND SUPPORT FAMILIES and FAMILY UNITY to provide and maintain the BASIC NECESSITIES of living for people in crisis; CCDSS did NONE of the above. Today we have no means to recoup the losses that we suffered due to CCDSS and their rogue actions taken for my son’s removal and placement in a facility that was ill-suited for his level of care and functioning on the autism spectrum.

I have personally met another mother, who is a resident of Cleveland County who has an autistic daughter, that will soon be going to trial to restore the rights that were UNJUSTLY removed by CCDSS along with her disability check leaving her remaining family members in a state of crisis scrambling to survive, barely making ends meet. CCDSS and local law enforcement have also been relentlessly harassing and tormenting this family among many others for being parents of disabled ‘minority’ person with a disability check.

CCDSS needs to right the wrongs against my family and make us whole according to what’s just and fair. My son’s check ($5,880 =8 months of disability benefits) was squandered away by social workers and administration at CCDSS APS. From the time my son was FORCED from our home by an illegal ex parte warrant, ripping him from his bed and safety, James was exposed to domestic abuse, financial exploitation, emotional and mental abuse and threats of never seeing his loving family again. I am James’ only parent and our family consists of his younger brother Ben and older sister Ashlee: we are struggling to put the pieces of our lives back together after the heinous actions of CCDSS and local law enforcement both CLEVELAND COUNTY and ONSLOW COUNTY participating in executing actions that are equal to gangstalking and modern-day manhunting.

CCDSS and all parties involved have shown

NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO REMORSE and has TRAGICALLY failed and dropped the ball in regards to their own ethics to foster family unity and provide BASIC HUMAN NECESSITIES for individuals and families.

My Family demands justice and compensation for James to be able to recover and regain footing for his live aspirations and future endeavors. The actions of CCDSS are beyond heinous and cruel toward ‘minority’ families and individuals who are elder and disabled. We are an honest hard-working family who has educational and professional goals, as a mother I have worked every day of their lives to instill in my children that education and hard work are the keys to success and provide access to opportunities beyond their wildest imaginations. Every goal we set for our family to obtain have been destroyed by the action of CCDSS and local government.

Due to a NATURAL DISASTER, we for the first time in many years were forced to rely on government assistance outside of James’ monthly disability benefit check. Upon meeting the civil servants of Cleveland County and being forced to endure blatant disrespect, dehumanization, and fragmentation of my close-knit family, the undeniable conclusion and outcome of this situation all stem from common antiquated RACISM and SERIOUS violations of HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS.

I have raised my children to be WELL INFORMED of their constitutional rights AS NATIVE AMERICAN people, proud of their heritage and carry dignity and self-respect in everything they do, CCDSS has tested and trampled on everything this country stands for and protects under HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS. The ‘system’ in Cleveland County and surrounding areas is BROKEN and the purposeful favoritism and RACIAL BIAS is glaringly obvious.

We hold Cleveland County accountable for the insurmountable damage done to our family and we demand relief, support, and assistance to recover from the grave damages caused by incompetent and racist employees of CCDSS and all individuals who are associated with guardianship cases in Cleveland County. As tax paying citizens of NC and FREE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY we are the ORIGINAL descendants of BLACKFOOT and CHIPPEWA tribes dating back SIX generations. We committed no crimes, none of my adult children have any negative history with any civic agency on any level; we deserve to be treated as humans, we deserve to be treated fairly and we deserve to have our family made whole and given the support we asked for circa Dec 2, 2016 the day we arrived desperately reaching for support.

I am certain the board of directors and commissioners are well aware of our situation and fully understand how serious this matter is dating back as far as 1995 there are countless accounts of elderly and MINORITY (poor) families and disabled children and adults who suffered due to the purposeful exploitation of their vulnerable condition.

Your commissioners and county officials need to take action now and provide the much needed and WELL DESERVED relief to right the wrongs of CCDSS and all parties involved in destroying the lives and well being of BLACK AND MINORITY FAMILIES of elderly and DISABLED people.

We demand your immediate attention and resolution to this matter,
A mother fighting for JUSTICE FOR JAMES

Angie George

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