2020 Election — Voter Guide This is the Election that COUNTS!!!! Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Folks, your TV, as well as mine; your Mailbox, as well as mine, are filled with campaign advertisements from all sorts. From the President, US Senator and NC Governor all the way down to the County Commissioners, School Board. Register of Deeds to the Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. Thirty- two elected offices. With many of them (especially State and Federal offices) having candidates that none of us have ever heard of.

I have studied all of these offices and have come up with recommendations for all of them.

First, I have looked at those offices that will affect us here in Cleveland County the most. The President, US Senator, US House of Representatives, Governor, Attorney General and the Cleveland County School Board. That is where I will start.

President: Vote for Donald J. Trump
There are five candidates for President and a space for a write in. Please do not write me in for the US President. My recommendation goes to Donald J. Trump. The incumbent President and first on the list. In 2016 Donald Trump carried Cleveland County by a wide margin over Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump also carried the State of North Carolina by a substantial majority. President Trump led our country into a record high economy and a record low unemployment rate. Cut taxes and other good things. Like appointing two Justices to the US Supreme Court that have some common sense-and is about to get another Justice approved. Despite being hounded by false charges and even impeachment from the Democrats who apparently would rather destroy our economy and prosperity than elect Donald Trump for a second term. It is imperative that Cleveland County vote for Donald Trump by very wide margins to make up for the very few counties with large liberal population that will vote against Donald Trump just to drag us on down with them.

US Senator: Vote for Thom Tillis
There are four candidates for US Senate. US Thom Tillis has, for the most part, been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again. We need Senator Tillis returned to office so he can continue supporting President Trump’s agenda. The economy will rebound quickly when this pandemic is stopped by a safe and effective vaccine. President Trump needs Senator Tillis’ support to continue to place conservative judges on the US Supreme Court.

Senator Tillis’s main opponent, Cal Cunningham, has come to remind me of Former US Senator from North Carolina, John Edwards. John Edwards would cock his head slightly, look you in the eye and tell you nothing but lies. After getting elected to the US Senate, John Edwards almost immediately began running for President. Completely forgetting about North Carolina and getting his campaign staff girlfriend pregnant while his wife was at home dying of cancer. Right now, Cal Cunningham has taken to looking into the advertisement camera, cocking his head slightly, looking into the eye of the camera and lying to the people. Claiming he is for the truth while in fact Cunningham is maintaining his wife and children and TWO girlfriends on the side and illegally using campaign contributions to finance his travel to go “see” (fornicate or copulate may be better words) one of his girlfriends in California. Which has put Cal Cunningham the subject of a criminal investigation. John Edwards had one of those investigations too. As I recall, Edwards paid big bucks for his criminal acts. Also, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have poured millions on top of millions into Cunningham’s campaign of lies and deception. That should be ‘nuff said about Cal Cunningham’s character and truthfulness. There ain’t none.

US House of Representatives-District 5: Vote for Virginia Foxx
There are three candidates for the District 5 race. Cleveland County has just been “re-districted” into District 5 because of liberal judges requiring change after change to North Carolina voting district maps to increase the number of Democrat districts. Also, the 2020 census will require re-drawing district lines again as soon as the census results are finally tabulated. Probably the district lines in the 2021 re-draw will put Cleveland County in a different District. Probably this election will be the only time Cleveland County will be in NC District 5 for the US House. For the 2020 elections, District 5 goes from the South Carolina line, North around Hickory to the east and all the way to the Virginia line. Splitting District 10 from District 11. It is a mess that will likely be changed for the 2022 Elections. Virginia Fox is the incumbent from the old District 5, which contains the majority of voters. Virginia Foxx has also supported President Trump in about 95% of her votes. Her very few votes against Trump were when President Trump was trying to get some Democrats to cross over and, according to Foxx’s record, Foxx was not interested in giving so much cash to the Democrats for wasteful purposes.

I have researched Virginia Foxx’s voting record and found little to complain about. Except one. Virginia Foxx was one of four other Republican NC Members in the US Congress who voted to remove some statues of some Southern State “Heroes” in the US Capitol Building for the sake of appeasing some who were “offended.” Like Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the “Squad.”

This concerns me greatly since I generally do NOT support appeasement of any sort that supports a divisive and corrupt agenda. Also, Jeff Gregory, another candidate for this District 5 office, that I have often recommended in the past, in Cleveland County. Jeff Gregory is a strict conservative that would not have compromised on such a vote.

So, this is one of those times that one has to look for the greater good and make pragmatic decisions. On one hand the incumbent Republican, Virginia Foxx supports President Trump in almost all of his actions that requires a vote. Republicans in the US House are in a slight minority and are hoping to recapture the US House and retain the US Senate. A vote for Virginia Foxx would help maintain the present balance in the US House. A vote for Jeff Gregory would very likely come from an otherwise Virginia Foxx vote that would assist the Democrat candidate get elected to this seat. Just like the Ross Perot vote in the 1992 Election took enough votes away from President George H. W. Bush and allowed Democrat Bill Clinton to “steal” the election for President in 1992.

Therefore, after careful consideration, I must recommend voting for Virginia Foxx for the US House District 5 election in 2020. And go from there in the 2022 elections.

NC Governor: Vote for Dan Forest
Let’s start with a little trivia. Dan Forest is the son of our former US House Representative, the well thought of Honorable Sue Myrick. Making Dan Forest almost a Cleveland County hometown boy.

Dan Forest’s opponent is Democrat Governor Roy Cooper. Cooper “won” (if you can call it that) in a controversial and likely a high-level example of voter fraud in Durham in the 2016 elections, amid that high Trump turnout in 2016. Of the 100 Counties in North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory was 20,000 votes ahead of Roy Cooper in 99 of those 100 counties at midnight on the night of the election. Then the ballot boxes in and around Durham started “cutting-up.” From what I recall, everybody else except Durham were finished counting their ballots, but boxes full of ballots started showing up in the backs of people’s cars and other places at Durham ballot counting stations. After counting more and more of these suspicious ballots, there were finally enough ballots for Democrat Roy Cooper to claim a victory.

The Republicans, including Speaker of the House Tim Moore, were very slow to rally around Governor McCrory since McCrory had bucked them a time or two when McCrory was Governor. A short-sighted view, possibly imported from Cleveland County Republicans whose Executive Committee has very often taken the position that they would rather have a Democrat in office than a Republican that refused to kiss their ass. A position that they still take.

Since Governor Pat McCrory was facing huge legal bills, all by himself, to challenge the clearly suspicious vote gathering in Durham, McCrory just ups and concedes the election. Leaving the stupid Republicans to have to deal with the likes of now Governor Roy Cooper for the next four years.

So, for the past four years Governor Roy Cooper has been running rings around the Republicans. North Carolina has gone for two years without a budget because Governor Cooper would veto whatever the Republicans came up with that did not raise taxes and continue wasteful spending. Governor Cooper also jumped in on the national Democrat Agenda to shut down Trump’s and all of North Carolina’s prosperous economy by shutting down schools over the COVID-19 virus. Note that the Cleveland County School Board jumped right in there with Cooper to shut down Cleveland County Schools when there were Zero cases of COVID in Cleveland County at that time.

It is imperative that Cleveland County citizens vote for Dan Forest for Governor in large numbers. We cannot stand another voter fraud like we had in Durham in 2016 that put Roy Cooper into the Governor’s Mansion. Now is the time to take Roy Cooper out of the Governor’s Mansion. Vote for Dan Forest for NC Governor.

Attorney General: Vote for Jim O’Neill
This is probably the most simple decision of all these political offices.

Think about all those nuisance telephone calls that you get every day from the telemarketers and the scammers. Question. Do you know who you should complain to about all the calls?? Answer. The Attorney General’s Office. The present Attorney General is Governor Roy Cooper’s buddy Josh Stein. Who is running against Josh Stein? Jim O’Neill. So, VOTE for Jim O’Neill. ‘Nuff said, right? RIGHT.

The Cleveland County School Board: Vote as shown on the Marked up 2020 Cleveland County Election ballot as shown at the bottom of this article: (Note that the School Board Race is on the second page of the 2020 ballot.

Folks, this 2020 School Board race is the biggest item in this 2020 Election that will affect you most personally and right NOW. There are five seats open-a majority- and the “right” five of the ten candidates can turn around, almost immediately, all the problems, wasteful spending, lack of transparency, top heavy administration, retaliation, nepotism, fraud, bullying and all kinds of other problems at CCS. Big and small. I must have written millions of words in hundreds of articles over the past nine years describing the mess at Cleveland County Schools. Not even counting the fact that CCS fails in teaching around 460 or more graduating students every year how to read, write and do math at a proficient level. Or even proficient at a 9th grade level. Go back and read some of those articles. Or, you can watch the 2020 Election Forum at Cleveland Community College CTV.19. Or watch the past two school board meetings on the CCS website videos of the School board meetings.

Recommendations for all the other offices are as marked on the sample ballots shown below. Note that I recommend leaving blank all offices where there is NO opposition. Nothing against the candidates that are running, but, running unopposed, they will win, no matter what. Also, I left the last office on the ballot, the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, blank. I do not know these folks that are running and there is a place for a write in candidate. I recommend leaving these blank instead of just guessing. Those that are aware of what this office does would also be the most effective in selecting the candidate for that office. So, let those “informed” folks decide who gets that office. And the rest of us folks who are NOW informed on the rest of the 2020 offices will decide those offices.

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