2018 Republican Primary Elections in Cleveland County!!! Recommendations for NC Senate District 44 Report and recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Overall, Cleveland County will have three Elected Offices for various Republican Candidates.

NC Senate District 44
The Race for NC Senate District 44 will include all of Cleveland County, all of Lincoln County and parts of Gaston County. This is a newly drawn district and may be subject to Court challenges.

The incumbent Dr. David Curtis of Lincoln County will face challengers Ted Alexander of Cleveland County and Martin Oakes of Lincoln County.

Just about all of us have been bombarded recently with “Mailers” regarding this Senate Race. A NC Republican Senatorial Committee is pushing Incumbent Candidate David Curtis and throwing off on Martin Oakes and Ted Alexander. A new and somewhat secret group called NC Citizens for Clear Action, INC. Are pushing Ted Alexander and throwing off on David Curtis. Martin Oakes is pushed by the Oakes for Senate and appears to be throwing off on nobody.

All in all, each of these candidates claim to be conservative Republicans in a Conservative Republican leaning district. After reviewing all this, it appears that Cleveland County Voters should be looking for the candidate that would best represent Cleveland County. A local boy. The “:Homeboy” advantage.

That would be Ted Alexander from Shelby. Ted is a former Mayor of Shelby but also believed by some to be on the meek and mild side of politics. And my taste for politics is strong, very conservative and assertive for the citizens you represent.

But Ted has Speaker of the House Tim Moore and Representative Kelly Hastings to help guide Ted through any rough spots he might encounter in Raleigh. And would multiply Cleveland County’s influence in Raleigh.

Therefore, I recommend voting for Ted Alexander for Senate District 44 in the 2018 Republican Primary Election.

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