2018 Republican Primary Elections in Cleveland County!!! Recommendations for House District 110 Report and recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Overall, Cleveland County will have three Elected Offices for various Republican Candidates.

NC House District 110:
The Race for NC House District 110 will include only parts of Cleveland County and parts of Gaston County.

The incumbent Kelly Hastings will face challenger Charlene High from Dallas, NC.

Kelly Hastings has been elected and re-elected numerous times over the years by wide margins, often unopposed,. Kelly is rated high in conservative groups, the NRA and also voted for guns to be allowed in churches under certain circumstances. During certain district line changes, Kelly was my Representative here in Fallston. Kelly has deep roots in Cleveland County and we believe Kelly has served us well. Kelly presently serves on many important Committees and works well with Speaker of the House Tim Moore.

Charlene High is an unknown quantity who says her best qualification is being a good listener. Charlene’s political website indicates she is Pro-Life- Pro Second Amendment, would vote to ban abortion, advocates traditional families, but would support a legal “review” of cutting funds for Planned Parenthood, among other things.

So, Charlene High advocates some of the same conservative things that Kelly Hastings advocates, as shown by his voting record, but would be mostly a Kelly “Lite” with no political influence in Raleigh and from somewhere else besides Cleveland County.

Our recommendation is vote for Kelly Hastings for the NC District 110 Representative in the Republican Primary Election on May 8, 2018..

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Robert A. Williams

NC District 110 Representative Kelly Hastings Responds to Article Representative Kelly Hastings has responded to my article with the following comment and clarification 1. North Carolina Right to Life, the NRA, and Grass Roots North Carolina endorsed me. According to the NRA and Grass Roots, at the time of the deadline, my opponent had not bothered to return the questionnaires to the NRA or Grass Roots. Many view this as indifferent or hostile toward the Second Amendment. I received an email about the 110th House District 110 race. I thought I would clarify a couple of points. Rep. Kelly Hastings… Read more »