BREAKING NEWS–$50 Million in STATE Funding allocated to help build a new Courthouse and Jail Complex in Cleveland County!!! ZERO $$$ allocated for construction of new CCS High Schools to replace the four aged out CCS High Schools!!! Speaker of the House Tim Moore says the CCS School Board told him that there was still life left in the four 55+ year-old High Schools!!! Eye witness Reporting by Robert A. Williams

Folks, this news came at the very end of the November 16,2021, Commissioner’s Meeting.

Right before the meeting was adjourned, Commissioner Chairman Doug Bridges made the announcement that Speaker of the House Tim Moore had been instrumental in securing $50 Million in funding for Cleveland County to begin the construction of a new Courthouse, Law Enforcement and Jail project. Note that I had already discovered an item in the County Budget for 2021-2022 for this project. The Budgeted amount was $90 Million and was to be done in two phases. I have previously reported this.

I have also been reporting, on a regular basis, on the need for planning and budgeting for the replacement of the four CCS high schools that are much older than the present Courthouse and Jail. So, I was immediately flabbergasted that Tim Moore and the County Commissioners had placed a higher priority on the Courthouse and Jail than over properly funding adequate school construction in Cleveland County. To me, the priorities were exactly opposite to what they should be. Backward!!!

As Tim Moore was in attendance at the Commissioner’s Meeting, seated no more than 12 feet away from me; when the meeting was adjourned, I made a beeline for Tim Moore.

I asked Tim since the state budget appears to have a lot of money for many projects, mentioning the $50 Million for the Courthouse and jail, what about funding for the replacement of the aging CCS high schools? Tim’s answer was quick and clear. The School Board had told him that the CCS High Schools had “years of life left in them” and the School Board had not requested any funding for aging school replacement. Tim added that he did help secure partial funding for new auditoriums at Burns and Crest High Schools. I made the statement that it makes little sense to build brand new auditoriums for 55+-year-old schools. That the funding for auditoriums would be better spent as a part of the construction of new replacement schools.

To that statement, Tim replied, “that is not what the School Board said they wanted to do.”

About that time others were coming up greeting Tim and that was the end of our conversation.

So, folks. Tim working through the school board was the totally obvious and proper protocol in securing funding for public school projects. The problem here is totally and squarely on the Cleveland County School Board. A Rogue Republican Board more interested in corruption, lies, and plotting and scheming to get Danny Blanton defeated in the 2022 School Board Elections. And not giving a damn about the education of our children.

I say enough is enough. School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen has to be runoff from the CCS School Board. And anything else associated with the education of our children-Like the Cleveland Community College. And, runoff immediately-if not sooner.

Voices need to be raised at the highest volume. Protest Marches around the CCS Central Offices need to commence immediately. The Rogue Republicans, Dennis Bailey, Wes Westmoreland, Luke Queen, Ron Humphries, Kevin Whisnant, and David Allen should be stripped of any position of leadership in the Republican Party as well as any involvement of any educational facility or agency in Cleveland County. IMMEDIATELY!!!

As for us citizens, parents, mothers, and fathers, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, voters and taxpayers should unite and work to rid ourselves of the corrupt trash at CCS and CCC. We need to be brainstorming about our own priorities and planning of what is needed at CCS and CCC once the riff-raff is eliminated. Disinfected may be the better word.

We ALL need to do our part!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

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Bill Balmer
1 month ago

So do you readers know there are secret meetings about one mega high school for all of Cleveland County schools EXCEPT kings mountain being discussed on the land across from Ingles at 74 and 226? You heard it here first and i heard it straingt form the horses mouth – a merger of Shelby, Burns and Crest High Schools.