Black Community Speaking Out about “Bias” against Willie Green At December 16, 2019 Shelby City Council Meeting!!! SBI Runs out the clock on criminal charges against Shelby Mayor!! DA Missing in Action!! Report, analysis, arguendo and opinion by Robert A. Williams

Several Pastors from the Black Community as well as the NAACP Regional Director, Mary Degree, attended the December 16, 2019 Shelby City Council Meeting to show their support for Mr. Willie Green and various his projects. Pastor Melvin Clark, former President of the Cleveland County NAACP, spoke and asked the Council why they continue to block Mr. Green’s efforts to do business in Shelby. Pastor Clark stated there is no efforts to encourage minority businesses and that’s why our kids are leaving and not coming back.

NAACP Regional Director Mary Degree did not speak last night, but her presence was seen by all to indicate that the NAACP is now in support of Pastor Clark and the other Black Leaders in Shelby and Cleveland County to join our efforts to help fight against corruption and discrimination in our county. A sure sign that our coalition to fight corruption is growing.

Also, in regard to a request from Sheriff Alan Norman, the NCSBI investigation of Mayor Stan Anthony for Criminal “Self-Dealing” found that Anthony acted in an illegal manner, but due to the Statute of Limitations, no charges would be brought against the Shelby Mayor. Also, according to when the SBI was brought into the investigation, there was still plenty of time to file charges against the Mayor, but the SBI apparently just let the Statute of Limitations “clock” run out. It should be included here that the Cleveland County District Attorney was first requested to investigate the Shelby Mayor in this regard, but DA Mile Miller stated that the office of Mayor of Shelby is only “ceremonial” and refused to call in the SBI. If Miller had been doing his job, the Statute of Limitations for the Mayor’s acts would not have run out as it did. Miller should have checked and found that the functions of the Mayor of Shelby are much more than just ceremonial. A case in point is the Mayor, in his unilateral decision to refuse to allow Mr. Willie Green to speak at his own hearing for a zoning change request, that was denied by the City council. But the DA’s own actions as clearly shown in the Cop-Killer Murder Trial shows that the Office of District Attorney in Cleveland County, as held by DA Mike Miller, is, in itself, “ceremonial.” Should DA Mike Miller resign?? Hold that thought for what is coming.

Those familiar with the SBI’s apparently intentional slowness believe Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony should resign. Mostly based on the Mayor’s knowledge of the self-dealing prohibition as was clearly shown by his own accusations against the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee’s for self-dealing in their own choice of architects for their new Advanced Technology Center. Which just happened to be noted today in an article in the Shelby Star. An article that indicates the ATC is already $1,000,000 over budget. And not a shovel of construction dirt has been dug. If the history of that chosen architect with CCC, CCS and other County construction projects, the cost over-runs are just beginning. Typical cost over-runs will run from $4 to $6 million before completion.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of Mr. Green’s Lawsuit against Shelby City Manager Rick Howell. Just last week Mr. Howell’s Motion to Dismiss was heard by Judge W. Todd Pomeroy. The basis of Howell’s claim is that he has “immunity” from prosecution or lawsuits. Conveniently forgetting that such immunity that Howell, Mayor Anthony and the rest of the City Council have according to North Carolina only apply when their actions are in good faith and reasonable judgement is used. If such things as Malice, malicious intent and illegal acts are thrown in, that immunity does not apply. Which means the whole crowd running Shelby can be sued, individually, for their bad acts. No city paid attorneys or nothing. Their own bank accounts and property are at risk. I would suggest Mayor Stan Anthony, City Manager Rick Howell and each and every City Council member remember that. Their apparent bad acts can put them all on food stamps.

Stay tuned for more regarding the stuff going on down at the Shelby City Hall.

Hint: the Shelby Neighborhood Revitalization Committee and who is on this committee and especially WHY has come up on my radar scope of things to look into. But all I can say now is “Stay Tuned!!!”

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