Attention!! Attention!!! Attention!!!! Important Invitation!!! School Board Candidate Danny Blanton Sponsors BBQ Event at the Shelby City Park, Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 6:00PM FREE, FREE, FREE!!! Although contributions will be accepted!! Report by Robert A

Cleveland County School Board member Dr. Danny Blanton is up for reelection this year and needs the help and support of all “right thinking” voters in Cleveland County. Democrats, Republicans and Independents too.

The Cleveland County Democrat Party has out-smarted and out maneuvered the elitist, better than the rest of us, Cleveland County GOP and the WeRCC (Women Republicans of Cleveland County) every which way but loose. The Democrats have strategically reserved, well in advance, all the major Billboards locations in Cleveland County in order to advertise their Democrat Candidates for the School Board elections. while the CCGOP and WeRCC “Rogue Republicans” have secretly and underhandedly plotted and schemed to defeat Dr. Danny Blanton and Dr. Ronnie Grigg in the 2022 Republican School Board Primary elections. All because the Rogue Republicans would rather have a Democrat in office than a Republican that refuses to “kiss the ass” of the GOP Executive Committee. Only to be totally defeated by Drs. Blanton and Grigg on Primary Election Day. Totally showing that us regular conservative Republican voters in Cleveland County want Dr. Blanton and Dr. Grigg ELECTED to the School Board in these upcoming 2022 elections.

Folks, All of YOU have already heard many times about the dirty tricks and evil shenanigans of the Rogue Republicans, so Robert A will not repeat them again in this article. Except to say that the Rogues running the CC GOP and WeRCC (TEA Party too!) are foolishly refusing to support Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg for re-election and election to the school board. Trusted sources say that GOP Chairman David Allen has allegedly declared to Dr. Danny Blanton that “YOU are on your own.” Of course, Dr. Danny Blanton, until the 2020 elections, was the sole Republican on the School Board. So, Dr. Danny Blanton has ALWAYS been on his own in his elections and re-elections to the Cleveland County School Board.

And the reasons Robert A and the rest of those that have supported Dr. Danny Blanton for the School Board is that WE ALL know that Dr. Danny Blanton has the children’s best interest in mind on every issue that comes before the School Board. WE ALL know that Dr. Danny Blanton has personally taken a needy orphan into his own home and raised him as one of his own children. We ALL Know that if there is a problem of some sort at Cleveland County Schools, that the ONLY School Board member that will take the call and listen to the problem and speak up at School Board meetings is School Board member Dr. Danny Blanton.

NOW the Rogue Republicans have taken back up with their 2022 Primary Election Dirty Tricks against Dr. Danny Blanton and are again piling on with more dirty tricks. They have said that Dr. Danny Blanton “is not a Christian” and other such hateful stuff. So, Dr. Danny Blanton is taking matters into his own hands. Dr. Danny Blanton has scheduled an event at the Shelby City Park on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 6:00PM to set the record straight. This is NOT a typical fundraiser event where tickets are sold. This event is FREE to the public. No tickets will be sold or pressure of any kind for campaign funding. Dr. Danny Blanton will be speaking to the people of Cleveland County without regard to race or social standing. Dr. Danny Blanton will be taking questions from anybody that has questions. About anything.

Of course, running a political campaign requires resources and Robert A is relatively sure that donations to Dr. Danny Blanton’s campaign for re-election to the Cleveland County School Board will be gratefully accepted. Robert A personally suggests that those needed donations be as generous as possible. “Re-electing Danny Blanton and electing Ronnie Grigg to the CCS School Board is imperative when the official CCS Strategic Plan is “By 2030, all third-grade students will meet or exceed grade level reading expectations.” BY 2030??? That is eight years from now!! See how much Cleveland County needs the likes of Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg on the School Board!!

Please come out to the Shelby City Park on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM to Dr. Danny Blanton’s campaign event. Show YOUR support for Dr. Blanton by your presence and your donations. The children Dr. Danny Blanton will help get properly educated, properly fed and cared for and kept safe from harm may be YOUR own children. Or grandchildren. Or Great Grandchildren. What could be more important than that??? Bring your spouse, friends and neighbors. And most importantly, show up on Election day and only vote for Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg for the Cleveland County School Board. These two must get elected to begin the turnaround of the School Board.

PS: Dr. Danny Blanton and Dr. Ronnie Grigg have earned their PhD degrees in Common Sense. Something the CCS School Board surely needs in more abundance.

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